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The Common Sense Show caught my attention.  I thought is was buried with Benjamin Franklin. 

What a topic that can be filled with a library of information and diversified media.  

From who killed Kennedy and no it wasn't Oswald. 

To why are the Federal Reserve International Bankers in charge of Washington DC. 

To why do people think everyone owes them a living and Churches love to give to the poor and what was it that Lincoln said about giving to the people?  (The more you give the more they think they are entitled to?  


Hey, I am talking about the Uncle Bob's of the world who want it all but won't lift a finger to earn it; and how about Aunt Maybell who is just like Uncle Bob.  Anyway how to get them off the front porch and out into the real world to help kick start the nation is a dilemma isn't it?

Probably can't and maybe too late with a pending Bankers Holiday (an excuse to steal from the citizens what they already paid taxes on).

Common Sense:  Everyone who is capable of thinking with a smidgeon of common sense can be a millionaire, or at least wealthy rather than Socially Dependent upon a Bankrupt Government that does not work for us anyway.  And the Bankers; that is another story.  But, then everyone loves their perpetual debt sickness.  Nope, can't get rid of my credit cards and love paying my mortgage (just to be a tenant to live in my own home.

Don't forget to pay your taxes, but if the Bankers have a Holiday and limit you daily take from your accounts you may not be able to make your mortgage payments and that means (foreclosure) in 30 days with a 15 day County Sheriff lockout?  Oh my!  What have we done to ourselves?  

Any thing the Government gives, they stole it from someone else and they can take it back when ever they want.

As for the Bankers, they own us.  That is US-us.

Common Sense!  Is there any left over.  
i always thought dave hodges belonged on a postage stamp
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