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A girl living by the sea who loves coffee a little more than she should.
A girl living by the sea who loves coffee a little more than she should.

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Christmas Tree Inspired Faffing
There is something really rather special about a Christmas tree, alas due to our last one being a hive of bugs we no longer have real Christmas trees, we do however have a rather magnificent fake one. Whilst my tree is rather lovely, if I do say so, it’...

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Early Flight
Some mornings I wonder why I drag
myself out of bed at ridiculous hours just to go sit on a beach. But then I see
things like this, listening to nothing but the sound of waves on the beach and
wonder why I’m one of only a handful there to appreciate such...

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Amanda commented on a post on Blogger.
Oh man, this sucks and really shows the hard work put in by teachers,

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The "joys" of children who've had their first Sex & Relationship Education lesson at school...

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Blogging For Me
I’ve been dabbling in blogging for
over 5 years now; during this time I’ve seen bloggers come and go, trends change
and the direction of blogging alter dramatically. Lately I’ve felt bombarded by well
meaning posts such as Why no reads reads your blog, W...

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Silent Sunday
We’ve been blessed with some beautiful weather this
Half Term, which we have thoroughly enjoyed with trips to the beach. Love the reflections of my
two little bubas in the sand.

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Sunday Share Fest
Last Sunday Ally and I hosted our second Sunday Share Fest, which you can check out here, huge thanks to everyone who added posts, there was a wonderfully diverse selection. I found several new to me blogs and amazing writers, 3 posts in particular reall...

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No Fuss Easy S’mores
I love s’mores. Biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow…what isn’t there to love? Whilst we don’t have graham crackers and we’ve never made them over a fire we do have our own simple and, if I say so myself, deliciously yummy version of s’mores. It’s so easy ...

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Fathers Day Gift Guide ~ House of Fraser
With May quickly coming to a close
it’s time to start thinking about something for the unsung hero of our little
family. The one who keeps a roof over our
heads, cooks our dinners and brings home emergency chocolate when it’s been one
of those days dese...

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Looking for a way to keep the kids entertained during half term ? Pop along to Wilderness Wood in Sussex for some nature inspired fun
#nature   #familyfun   #halfterm  
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