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Fungus Friday
The place to show off all your cool fungi photos any day of the week
The place to show off all your cool fungi photos any day of the week

Fungus Friday's posts

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Another week has gone by and the contributions to #FungusFriday keep getting better!

Rather than post links to all the cool contributions this week, I thought I'd make a suggestion instead!

If you like mushrooms and other cool fungi, do yourself a favour and type fungusfriday into your search bar!  I swear you won't be disappointed with all the cool shots you'll find there!

And be sure to checkout +Shawn McClure's fantastic tooth fungus shot ( and +Eugene Madatov's cool infrared shot of toadstools (!

Thank you again to everyone who shared a photo this week!  Without you #FungusFriday wouldn't be where it is today! 

See you all this coming Friday!  :)

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It's great to see that there's still lots of fungi out there for everyone to shoot!  I've been going through fungi withdrawal for a while now, but hope to get away for a few days next month to visit the coast!  So hopefully I'll be able to get some cool shots (fingers crossed/knock on wood) for #FungusFriday !

This week I was was really impressed with the following three photos!

+Shelly Wason contributed this amazing group shot of  five tiny mushrooms growing on beautiful moss:

This eye catching silhouette of a mushroom and grass set against a beautifully coloured backdrop by +Tomas Antmark-Dagobert

 and this cool shot of Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus) growing from a tree in the Pacific Northwest shot by +Mike Culver

Thanks to everyone who contributed a photo this week for #FungusFriday !

Happy fungus hunting!  :D

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I missed my weekly post of favourite fungus photos from #FungusFriday last week, so here they are now!  Sorry for being late, but I've been really busy and a bit remiss on my curatorial duties!  :(

This week I've chosen four very cool fungi photos that really left an impression with me!

I hope you enjoy them!

Check out this incredible photo by +Mike Culver of tiny golden mushrooms:

Check out this incredible shot by fellow Victorian (I'm originally from Victoria myself) +Shelly Wason

Ckeck out +Todd Benore's beautiful shot of a pair of greyish blue coloured mushrooms on moss:

and be sure to check out +Jitte Groothuis' incredible photo of a very strange fungus that looks like brains:

And I'd like to thank everyone who submitted a photo to #FungusFriday !  I'm stiil finding contributions that I missed on Friday so bear with me!  I will try to +1 every contribution once I track all the contributions down!

P.S.  This would be a whole lot easier if contributions were tagged with +Dan Bowden and +Fungus Friday!

See you all this Friday!  :D

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Another awesome week has passed for #FungusFriday and the contributions were as outstanding as usual! 

I've waited until now to do my weekly roundup of images that caught my eye because I've been waiting for the late posters!  :D

This week one image in particular impressed me more than any other!  The image was made by +Aidan Kalloo and can be seen here:

Have a look and be sure to leave your +1s and comments on the original post!

Also check out these cool images by:

+Rinus Bakker (

+Stephen MacIntosh (

+Marian Alcázar (

+Mary Jo Allen (

and +Denis Neuberth (

I hope everyone enjoys the photos and leaves their comments and +1s on the original posts!

Until next Friday, Happy fungi hunting!  :D

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Check out +Rinus Bakker's stunning fungi photography!

We should all thank that lady for showing Rinus these beautiful creations of nature!  :D
While crossing the woods I met a lady who offered me to show where to find the funghi and she showed me things I didn't know it exists. I do not know your name but again lady I say Thank YOU!

For #hqspautumnshots  by +Delcour Eric and +Carina Marsh 
also for #HQSPNaturalOther  by +Blake Harrold and +Delcour Eric 

For   #HQSPmacro   by +Vinod Krishnamoorthy 

#landscapephotography  +Margaret Tompkins +Bill Wood 
#10000photographersaroundtheworld  by +Robert SKREINER and +Walter Soestbergen 

#EuropeanPhotography   +European Photo +Charles Lupica +Manuel Votta +Susanne Ramharter +Janusz Brakoniecki +Jean-Louis LAURENCE 

(c)   #rinusbakkerphotography

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Another successful week has passed on #FungusFriday !

Again I wish to thank everyone who contributed a photo or shared a fellow G+er's post! 

This week I chose five photos that really caught my eye.  Of course all of your photos were great, but I simple did not have any spare time to respond to every post!  I (+Dan Bowden) did however leave a few comments and tried to +1 all the original posts!

So here are my picks this week (again in no particular order):

This shot by +James Tiffany

This monochrome shot by +Mike Culver

This shot by +simon wells

This shot by +Cati Vawda

and this shot by +Ursula Broicher

And again I'd like to thank +Rinus Bakker for sharing all of his fantastic fungi photos with us this week!  If you haven't seen his work you should head directly to his profile and view his incredible photos!  :D

See you all again this Friday (or Saturday)!

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I meant to share this here on the +Fungus Friday page, but mistakenly posted it on my personal page!  Oooops!  :D
Hey all!

I'm posting this a bit late because I needed the whole weekend to get through all the great contributions for #FungusFriday !

First let me thank everyone for posting such awesome mushroom/fungi photos!  You are all making #FungusFriday a huge hit!  :D

The following list includes ten of the many cool shots we got on #FungusFriday this past week!  They are in no particular order!  :)


Photo by +Kristen Smith

Photo by +Joel Swerdlow

Photo by +travis childs

Photo by +Bill Merrow

Photo by +Greg Feil

Photo by +Fine Art Photography by Ken Barber

Photo by +Graham Sorenson:

Photo by +Mike Spinak

Photo by +Mchale Morris

And last but certainly not least:  A shot by +Rinus Bakker

I really had a hard time choosing just one of +Rinus Bakker's great shots, but this one was my favourite because of the tiny mushrooms in the background!

Please leave your comments and +1s on the original posts!  :D

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I've had a look at most of this week's contributions to #FungusFriday and have to say I'm impressed with the quality of the photos!  I had a really hard time deciding which were my favourites and had to up the list from five to ten and finally twelve!  I wish I could have left a comment on everyone's photos, but it wasn't possible so I acknowledged them with a +1 instead!

Here are those twelve contributions in no particular order.

From +Baldur McQueen:

From +Manuel Frei:

From +Charlie Choc:

From +Antti Kuokkanen:

From +Kaya Kupferschmidt:

From +Mark O'Callaghan:

From +Siri Sieber:

From Andreas Levi:

From +Keith Johnston:

From +Mike Spinak:

From +Charlotte Therese Björnström:

and from +Dave Flynn:

Please leave your comments and +1s on the original posts!


See you next week!  :D

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Amanita muscaria is one of the most photographed mushrooms because they are so striking! These were photographed by +Peter Gray and he did a mighty fine job!

Please show +Peter Gray how much you like this photo by leaving your +1s and comments on the original post!

#FungusFriday +Fungus Friday +Dan Bowden +Chris Sullivan 
+Fungus Friday 
The Amanita Muscaria money shot...

Thanks to #FungusFriday 's curators (+Dan Ballard  and +Chris Sullivan )!

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I've just had a quick peek at this week's #FungusFriday contributions and there are so many great photos!  I'll be viewing more of them later, but so far these photos caught my attention:

In no particular order!

+Sascha Neuroth's fantastic trio of Amanita muscaria (

+Antti Kuokkanen's beautiful pair of mushrooms on feathery moss (

+Isabelle Lafrance's dreamy cluster of tiny mushrooms (

+Tarun Bhushan's bevy of bracket fungi (

+Jasbir S. Randhawa' mysterious chocolate fungus (

+Sarah Shin's lovely shallow focus bracket fungus (

+Ivan Ietri's cool cluster of pale orange mushrooms (

and just about everything from +Keith Johnston but especially this:

Thanks to everyone that made a contribution this week!  I wish I had the time to leave a comment on every contribution, but I've got to sleep sometime!

Remember: it makes it much easier for us to comment on, +1 and re-share your photos if you follow us at +Fungus Friday!
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