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March 2014 Google Sites Template

This month's template is inspired by Spring. It is clean, bright, simple and Green. 

About The Template
This template works on cell and desktop but some side scrolling is needed for a tablet. It is super simple in design and color palette, two colors.

A logo type header image of two colors provides the color palette for the template: green and white, with a blue for the visited link color. (This feature does not work in Firefox.)

To Use This Template
1 - use as-is
2 - if replacing the header image, do NOT put the image in the logo area unless you are prepared to do some work
3 - mobile moves header content and horizontal navigation links around 
4 - if replacing the header image, use one with the same colors of green and white to match the template's color palette
3 - if replacing the image with one that does not match the template's color palette, change the following to match the new image
---site and visited links
---header color (h2 - h5)
---modify the content background image to match

If mobile is important, remember to always test on a real mobile device when working with mobile sites.

What do you think?
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January 2014 Google Sites Template

This month's template was an experiment in mobile sites.

I tried to create a Google Site that would work on cell, tablet and desktop. I managed to do this but learned that I have more to learn. 

In spite of the limited CSS and inability to access the code to use media queries, Google Sites websites respond to the different devices quite well. 

About The Template
This template is very sparse in text, has no images and no gadgets (though Google Sites page gadgets perform fine). This was intentional to test specific functionality first before moving on to other kinds.

NOTE that this template has custom HTML, some for decoration and other for responsiveness. The latter was added to the page headers and used percentages for sizes, such as 200%. This worked well on the cell phones, adapting their sizes to fit within the smaller screens.

What Was Tested

1 - responsive website width - OK
2 - responsive font size - OK (used custom html font size in percentages such as 200%, for example)
3 - "top of page" link in the footer and top of each page - OK
4 - site name link - did not respond but stayed original size so that larger font sizes appropriate for a desktop used up a lot of space on a cell phone)

Lessons Learned

1 - build for cell phone site first and desktop site last
2 - many base themes respond well with either a percentage or fixed width 
3 - use horizontal navigation links
4 - style of navigation link matters, boxes, tabs and links vary in the space used
5 - be careful not to create extra space in the pages such as margins, on cell phones it can cause more scrolling so check the html code to be remove them
6 - keep content minimal
7 - the more drop down menus, the more space the navigation takes
8 - not all types of sites will work well within these limitation so a second mobile site might be best


1- "Mobilize" a site so that it will respond as a mobile site and not as a desktop site that has been shrunk down in size.
2- Test on actual devices and on online simulators, too.
3- Test after every change to the site.
4- Test the base theme you choose on all devices for the width of your choice before using it.
5 - Download a template from the Google Sites Gallery, play with it and test it. This one is a good one because it has gadgets, images and no template images to interfere with its responsiveness.

If you use this template, disable the sidebar. Or, wait and find out for yourself that this needs to be done.

Future Testing
The next items to test are the addition of template images and how they affect the site's mobile responsiveness. I have already done some testing and can say thus far, they can be problematic.

This is especially true of the Header section. A logo or header image does not share its space well with the site name so causes a jumbled mess.  It appears that either one or the other must be used.

And a wrapper image causes template image/page content alignment problems. More on these later.

Finally I have to say that the responsiveness of a site can vary depending on the base theme used. You have to test. But a Google Sites mobile site looks promising if built within limitations.

Your comments are requested. What else should be added to a mobile/desktop site?

View the code source before working with it.

View template  here. 
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December Google Sites Templates

December's templates can be used for the winter season or for sites dealing with winter related topics. Aptly named "Winter 1" and "Winter 2",  both are exactly the same except for the header and footer images.

These images look like two different images but is actually one image uploaded to the wrapper section set to repeat vertically. Note that the top and bottom of this image blend so it is hard to see where it begins and ends.

A few configurations are available.

1 - header height is adjustable - default is 300 px
2 - header/footer image can be removed entirely for a cleaner look
3 - header/footer image can be replaced with your own image
4 - site width can be decreased by 10 - 20 px for a different look
5 - change page background & font colors (fonts, too) via "themes, colors & fonts" page

Your comments are welcome.

View both templates  here.
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G+ Hangout Testing Room Community

I just created this new community for myself and others who want to learn how to use hangouts or improve their skills by having test hangouts without the pressures of a real one.

To join you must be willing to meet with others  in hangouts to help them learn  and vice versa. By helping each other in a safe, test environment everyone can improve their real life hangout's performance.
G+ Hangout Testing Room
Learn without the pressure.
View community
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October Google Sites Templates

Two new seasonal templates are ready to use: Fall 1 and Halloween 1. Both can be used as websites or one-page poster style pages announcing events.

1 - Header height can be changed to display more or less of the background image up to 400px.

2 - Content transparent background image used the same color as the site's background color so that as the Header height decreases and the Content area moves up, the background image can still be still. The Content image can be removed and a color used instead.

3 - Horizontal navigation can be used or not. Note the Fall templates uses it but the Halloween template does not.

4 - Site's width can be changed from a fixed width to a percentage width.

View these two templates and others here.

Comments and ideas for improvement are welcome.
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February 2014 Google Sites Template

This month's template was another experiment in mobile sites.

About The Template
This template works on cell, tablet and desktop. A footer (page background), wrapper and header image were used.

What Was Tested

I concentrated on the header section of the GS template because it is such an important part of a website. It can display a site's name, logo, supporting image and even a search box.  I wanted to know exactly what content can be displayed in the header on a mobile device.

Lessons Learned

1 - both a logo and site name probably cannot be used together, choose one, the logo will push the site name out of its way
2 - a header image and the site name can be used because the site name will sit on top of the header image but watch the site name font size so that it fits within the header image height
3 - the simplest option is to use the site name with a colored background OR just one image containing all of your worded content, the latter can have a color background in the header, too
4 - space is limited in the header, too much content (both a logo and site name) or large content will push other content out of the way including the horizontal navigation links
5 - keep the header height small for cell phones because it will use up a lot of screen space 

Remember to always test on a real mobile device when working with mobile sites.

View template  here. 

What do you think?
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Looks Great Lorrie ! :) I'm amazed how many large businesses still rush mobile sites. Google Sites really does a very nice job for mobile from technical viewpoint.. responsiveness, alignment, redraws etc...
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NEW! Google Sites Professional Wedding Templates

Organize and manage your wedding with a professional Google Sites Wedding website template. Integrate maps, images, spreadsheets and forms to keep guests, planners and family up-to-date.

- color palette can be changed easily
-  header height may be decreased
- 2 images to choose from
- wedding appropriate pages
- save time organizing, planning and creating your template
- free and professional help available

View images, sample template and prices. Paypal accepted.

View slideshow here.
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November Google Sites Template

This month's template was created for businesss but may be used for hobbyists and enthusiasts, as well.  A Guitar Repair business is the theme but it may be changed by simply changing the header and page background images.

Two blank header images come with the template: one with the template's colors and one with neutrals so you can add your own colors. Add your own images and/or text.

Note that Blank 2 header image has three boxes instead of two to give you more options. You may use create one large area by filling the entire header or you may use a combination of one and two boxes or all three boxes filling each with different colors, images or text. You decide. If you do change the header colors, change them in the template, too, to match.

To use, download, modify and reupload the image.  A image program is required but one of the many free online ones may work.

Your comments are welcome.

View the template here. guitarrepairtemplate
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You are invited to a Test Event

I want to learn how to use G+ Hangout Events to help Google Sites users fix their website issues. Get help with your website issues in exchange for attending so I can learn. See the details at the link below.
Raffaele Paparella's profile photoGoogle Sites Templates by Weby - Sites SOS Templates's profile photo
Sorry it didn't work out this time. Possibly in the future one can be scheduled during the day (my time) which should convert to early evening your time. Thanks for the interest.
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September's Google Sites Templates

Due to a major relocation, I only had time to create two templates. Because Personal Template 1 has been so popular, I created two more.

Personal Template 2
To offer users more design choices, this template has no theme. You choose your own Google Base Theme, as well as your own colors and fonts.

_Personal Template 3
Similar in structure to the first and second, this template has a rustic theme and uses old Poloroid style images. 

View them at my site or in my Simple Booklet banner.



Comments are always welcome.
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