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Dr. Marcia Nemecek
Come In As A Patient, Leave As Family!
Come In As A Patient, Leave As Family!

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We are proud to be offering our New Patients and Current Patients these amazing deals and opportunities.
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We are so happy to announce our Sonicare For Kids Toothbrush Giveaway! We will be drawing a winner every month until the end of 2012! For your chance to win a Sonicare For Kids Toothbrush visit our website.

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Preventative dental care is always less expensive than reconstructive dental care. Keeping your routine hygiene appointments gives us a chance to give early diagnosis to potential problems while they are small. This also reduces your risk of needing more complex and expensive treatment in the future.

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Happy Presidents Day! We found an interesting MSN article about our First President's famous "wooden dentures." Though not made of wood what were his dentures made of? Needless to say dentistry has come a long way. What are your thoughts?

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I've posted some tips for helping improve your child's brushing time. I'd love to hear some of the techniques you've used to help your children enjoy brushing their teeth.

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We hope everyone is enjoying their New Year and their New Year's Resolutions.

If all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth, then give us a call! (904) 797-4064!

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Brushing is a fundamental part of your dental health. These pointers will help make sure you are getting the most for your brushing!

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