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Keep Walking... This is not a Johnnie Walker Ad
--> My little cousin DJ was
operated on last weekend. It was simple enough to be done as an outpatient
procedure. The procedure was to correct an umbilical hernia. It was an uncomplicated
surgery, but I felt anxiety, especially as general anesthetic was goi...

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The Bridge...
I woke up some days not
wanting to go to school. You see mum could have given into my whims and let me
stay home from school whenever I wanted to, and as much as I still don’t
understanding why I was finding x in
mathematics class through school, as I have ...

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Thirty-One Is Here...
Thirty was a good year. I
soared at thirty. I lived… I faced unchartered territories and took them by faith, and I saw the
goodness of God in new dimensions. The deeper I dug into God, the more I
discovered there’s so much more in this big God that dwells i...

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What Did Mary Do?...
Mary was a virgin girl
engaged to Joseph when an angel appeared to her. He brought a life-changing
message to her; the Holy Ghost would overshadow her and she would carry the
seed of God, and bring forth Christ to the world. Its wonderful news when you

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Picture Perfect... Slay!
The wrong lighting/camera setting
gives the wrong picture, a wrong representation of what a person looks like or
what a picture wants to portray. The wrong angle makes for an awkward picture …
you would be silly to judge yourself based on that. I prepare fo...

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Toothless Dragon...
A whatsapp group was opened
for my old secondary school mates. I’m not too wild about seeing hundreds of
messages coming into my phone as I hate seeing unread messages. It doesn’t mean
I’m not excited about getting to see how life has treated us in a more i...

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On, Coca Cola and Luscious Lyon.
I’m a lowkey fan. For those at a loss, is an app where you get to make short videos and share. I don’t
share my videos, I make videos and keep them private. But its fun. I mean where else can I be a real life saved video vixen? We need...

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The Woman... The Mighty Throng: Jan Crouch
I saw a tribute to Jan Crouch
on my instagram feed and my heart skipped a beat, she died? How? When? I was exceptionally sad
and I shed a tear. I wasn't sure why I was as sad as I was, but now I know. She represents so much, she's a woman who lived to the f...

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I was to give a talk somewhere and i wrote this down, thought to share it here. It's not well arranged, haven't had time to fine tune it into a post  but the points are clear enough.  There is an identity crisis in the world today, and so t hey call us the ...

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Incense Abuja...
--> Incense Abuja was beautiful.
We rose in worship and we are shining in His light because the glory of the
Lord has come upon us. Looking at the pictures and
my most profound moments are the kids lost in worship… that can’t be an act,
that’s real, such a ...
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