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Grumpy But Gorgeous (Parties)
Grumpy But Gorgeous Pamper Parties
Grumpy But Gorgeous Pamper Parties


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book a girl pamper party London on our website

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Grumpy But Gorgeous Party Company is one of London's leading provider of pamper parties, spa parties and more. Grumpy But Gorgeous Parties provides parties for girls of all ages and has some great customer feedback, testimonials and reviews.

#grumpybutgorgeous  has been providing pampering and spa parties to girls throughout the UK since 2009. We have had our up's and downs but this year will mark the year of a new era for Grumpy But Gorgeous as we prepare for a business take over. 

In a few months time, current directors and owners of Grumpy But Gorgeous will stand down from their positions as a new company and new company CEO'S with more knowledge and experience in the pamper and spa party industry take over. 

Katie and Simon have built the company from pretty much nothing, starting with a smaller company in 2009 which Kate at the age of 19 started with just £15 and her mum's unused foot spa which was an unwanted Christmas present. 

Since then, Kate and her companies have come under much scrutiny for a variety of reasons and Kate and Simon now feel that it is time to move on and away from the company so that it can continue to grow into the wonderful, market leading company that it deserves to be. 

Grumpy but gorgeous' services will continue to improve, while staff members remain the same there will be additional teams available throughout the UK which are to be trained and managed by the new companies Directors.

Katie and simon will be resigning from their positions and the take over will begin within the next month. 

Business profits are set to increase over the next 12 month period because of this departure and current bookings are set to receive new and improved party services as a result new procedures put in place by the new CEO's of Grumpy But Gorgeous Ltd who have already started work on the company. 

Grumpy but gorgeous will inform everyone of official changes being made and will update you all when the take over is complete. 

Katie and simon would like to thank everyone for their support and custom over the years and are sad to be resigning from their positions at the company. The couple have made plans to return to university and pursue other career choices. 

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Grumpy But Gorgeous girls pamper parties

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A selection of 2014's pamper parties so far! 
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Directioners in London – This is a party you don’t want to miss….

If you love those five handsome boys why not celebrate your birthday with a One Direction themed spa party. You and your friends can get together and enjoy a girls pampering session with a difference – You can talk One Direction, sing One Direction, get made up with One Directions products and finally have your photos taken with our life sized cut-outs… perfect your poses girls, just in case one day you get to meet your heroes in real life!

Book your One Direction spa pampering party with us, just tell us the date, the time, the number of guests and whereabouts in London you live.

We turn up on the day and begin to weave our magic.

First we prepare the room that’s been set aside for the pampering session – We protect the floor and all the furniture with coverings, throws and cushions all with the 1D theme- when you enter the room you’re going to shout WOW!!

Once everyone is comfy in their special One Direction Spa Robes, we present the birthday girl with a cute teddy,wearing a One Direction Spa robe too! Then you can relax and put your feet in the luxurious foot spa, wiggle your toes and and give your feet a treat.

Next, it time to put on face masks to give your skin a healthy glow and cucumber slices on your eyes to leave them refreshed, which they might not be, if you were too excited to sleep thinking about your 1D party.

Now for your nails – that’s fingers and toes – After a relaxing manicure decorate them with 1D nail art, so the whole of London knows that you’re a Directioner.

We also make time for a sing song - to your favourite 1D songs of course! and then it’s time for those ‘little things,’  blush glow and lippy from the boys’ own range of cosmetics. Do your hair and then you should be ready for the catwalk.

Accompanied by 1D songs you can show off your glamorous and gorgeous 1D look. After that we get out the life sized cut-outs and you get your very own photo session with the (cardboard) boys!

If you want the party to last all night, we also do 1D sleepovers, which include 1D party games watching your favourite 1D film, ‘This Is Us’, on DVD and drinking milkshake and marshmallows from 1D cups – after all that you’re sure to have sweet dreams.

A One Direction Pampering Party is a unique way to celebrate your birthday with style, plus  you get to talk about One Direction for the whole time, without any adults begging you to change the subject!

Hello, Zayn, Harry, Liam Niall and Louis, there’s a pampering party in London you might want to come to…..
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