Sentibet Providing Remarkably Accurate Sports Predictions via Twitter Analysis

Sentibet is a project of Neurolingo, a Greece-based text analytics company which has a technology platform that can parse any number of kinds of information sources to extract semantic insight. Applied against Twitter's stream of messages from fans of Premier League football in Europe, it has proven to provide remarkably accurate predictions of match outcomes. With hundreds of tweets from fans to process for each match, you get a pretty statistically significant sample of sentiment for specific outcomes and expectations for outcomes (not always the same) that can be merged via Sentibet's logic into simple graphics that sports fans can use to understand simply what the "wisdom of the crowds" is saying.

Doing this effectively requires a few things. First, the architecture of Neurolingo's underlying Mnemosyne technology is able to evaluate language at a very granular level - word structure and grammatical structure, not just "words in a bag" - and can be tuned easily to deal with highly specialized grammars and syntaxes. So in the instance of Twitter, the short-hand language of tweets and the jargon of sports fans - often specific to clubs or memes related to clubs or athletes - creates a "language" all its own that can be tuned with great precision and is maintained constantly.

Once the language is understood, it then becomes a matter of evaluating the cloud and learning who's more reliable than others in their insights. Some in the crowd tend to be more insightful and predictable in their predictions than others, not surprisingly. Sentibet seems to handle this pretty well.

While positioned to appeal to sports betting enthusiasts, it's a tool for general information regarding real-time fan sentiment that can be applied to many different types of sports media for various types of competitive sports. And, of course, the same platform can be applied to many different types of media and enterprise needs with the same sort of flexibility and high level of maintanability and easy integration.

You can contact Neurolingo directly on this if you're interested (www.neurolingo,com), but +Shore Communications Inc. is giving them a hand with their marketing in the U.S., so feel free to contact myself or +Peter Propp also if you'd like to learn more about Sentibet or Neurolingo technologies. In the meantime, explore the early-stage version of Sentibet and let us know what you think.
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