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Barbara R. Blackburn
Author, Keynote Speaker, and Consultant
Author, Keynote Speaker, and Consultant

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Professional Development...and More Resources
Have you appreciated my practical solutions to challenges related to rigor, motivation, engagement and leadership?  My customized on-site and web-based professional development helps you help your students achieve at higher levels.  Contact me at (609) 474-...

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#Rigor Through Discovering Errors
Another easy way to increase rigor when beginning a lesson, ask students to discover errors.  For the topic you will be teaching today, create a webpage or blog entry
that mimics an online encyclopedia entry. 
Include at least four content errors. 
Ask stud...

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Quick #Rigor Activity to Start a Lesson
A quick way to increase rigor, while introducing a concept or topic for the day, use a
picture.  Rather than showing the entire
picture to students, cut the picture into multiple pieces, and show them one at
a time, requiring them to discern elements and in...

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Standards on the Board--A Rote Activity?
Many teachers
write the standard for the day on the board.   Students are then expected to either read the standard, write the
standard, or the teacher reads the standard aloud.   Too often, this becomes a rote activity that
carries no real meaning for stud...

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Real-Life Learning for #Rigor
We often talk about the importance of real-life learning in the
classroom.   However, many times we have
students complete application activities at the end of a lesson.   In a rigorous classroom, we want students to think at higher levels.    Jessica

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High Expectations Lead to High Achievement!
Do you believe that high expectations are a precursor to high achievement?  I do.  Students live up to or down to our expectations.  If we believe a student can do something, they try to achieve it.  If we believe they can't, they will prove us right.  You ...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Should Students Be Required to Complete Work?
Another part of high expectations is requiring students to complete their work, especially major assignments or assessments.  If something is important enough for you to assign it, then it should
be important enough for a student to complete it. Let me clar...

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#Rigor: No Excuses
One aspect of rigor is high expectations.  A key part of high expectations is communicating that learning is not optional.   Many students think it’s okay to “take a
zero”, and in a rigorous classroom, that is not acceptable.   I used two specific strategie...
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