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Tom Schade
UU Minister, currently a Lily of the Field, (Sowing or Reaping Not)
UU Minister, currently a Lily of the Field, (Sowing or Reaping Not)

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Simple Messaging for Trump Supporters
Forget converting them ! The goal is to neutralize them by diminishing their enthusiasm. Many people liked Trump because he was (1) wealthy (2) a success at business and therefore (3) beyond corruption because of his wealth and thus (4) free to speak the tr...

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10 Actions for Avoiding Protest Burn-Out
With all the Executive Orders fling fast and furious, there's a lot for progressives to respond to right now, and one of the things I've been worried about is protest burn-out. After having a webpage with an article on protest burn-out crash on me ten time...

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The Nation versus the State
The current American State was created by the Constitution, a document written in 1787 and adopted by the thirteen states in 1789. By that act, the first post-revolutionary state, the government created by the Articles of Confederation was overthrown. The C...

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The Iegitimacy of Donald Trump
Four reasons why Trump is an illegitimate President, in order of importance: 1. He lost the popular vote. The Electoral college is a anti-democratic vestige of the Constitution which violates the principle of the equal protection of the laws. 2. The widespr...

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The Spiritual and the Political in Unitarian Universalism
I think that we have to stay true to what we have learned in contemporary UUism.  We put forth an idealistic and utopian set of social values in 1985, the Seven Principles. Most know the story of the Seven Principles and how they came about. Those that know...

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Truer Words Were Never Spoken
“The left wants power taken away from the white establishment. They want a profound change in the way America is run. " -Bill O'Reilly, Fox News

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I admit that I am embarrassed by the post-election opposition to Trump. Millions of dollars were raised by the Greens for a recount that went no where. It was obvious from the start that the actual outcome of the election was not going to be changed by the ...

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Interview With Jeanne Pupke
 A new UUA President will be elected at the General Assembly in June of 2017. Three candidates are in the running: Susan Frederick-Gray, Alison Miller and Jeanne Pupke. All are ministers currently serving congregations. Each of them have agreed to allow me ...

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Smothering Hate
I have been saying for years now. After the Trump campaign, does anyone doubt it's true? Trump is gonna Trump. The give and take of Washington politics will unfold as it will; there is very little that we citizens can do about that. Did all those marches an...

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Customary Election Day Comment
Just a reminder: As odd as it sounds, the Founders of the Republic did not define who could vote in elections of federal office-holders, but left that decision to the states. The reason, of course, was to preserve the autonomy of states to protect their sys...
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