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The natural tastes of Canada
The natural tastes of Canada

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Show your love how sweet you are on them this Valentines with some
Forbes Wild Rose Petal Syrup. Pair with some bubbly wine or drizzle on
fruit, ice cream or in your favorite tea.

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Matsutake are the mushrooms that grow all across the north and draw people from the cities to the forest during their harvest. Also known as pine mushrooms they are highly sought after in Japan where they are eaten fresh in soups or eaten dried like crisps. They have an aroma and flavour that can best be described as slightly sweet and woodsy. Matsutake pairs particularly well with chicken and fish or in Asian dishes and can be a lot of fun top experiment with.

Winter in Canada does not mean foraging season is over entirely. With a mild winter like the one we have had you can still find lots of rose hips, riverbank grape, perfect for making jam or syrup with. Jerusalem artichokes and wild garlic can be dug up where the ground hasn't frozen solid, even the occasional shaggy mane or chaga mushroom pops up here and there. Winter walks can take on a new charm when you come home with freshly foraged goodies.

When working with dried mushrooms try chipping them into a fine powder and combine into batters or breading for baked or fried chicken and fish. Grinding your dried mushrooms into powder allows you to make the most of the flavours in places where mushroom pieces wouldn't work. Dusted over pizza, combined in a gravy or sprinkled on soup, when the pieces are minuscule the time needed to reconstitute vanishes and the opportunities just begin. (Great way to get fussy eaters loving mushrooms too!)

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Black Trumpet mushrooms are one Canada’s most desired mushrooms for a very good reason. They have an extraordinary aroma and flavour and are very versatile in the kitchen. They reconstitute quickly and are often used in soups, sauces and stews as they have a complex, rich and earthy flavour. Try in slow simmered dishes such as beef stew and lamb shank dishes or powdered and added to tomato sauces or chilli. However, they also serve as an excellent meat alternative in casseroles, pasta dishes and risottos. The complexity of flavour in black trumpets is reminiscent of chocolate, so much so that highly creative chocolatiers have started using it in truffles and deserts.

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Lobster Mushrooms have become quite popular because of their distinct seafood-like taste and aroma. Our Lobster mushrooms are sourced from forests in Quebec that have never see the ocean. Lobster mushrooms are in fact two mushrooms, a white mushroom with an orange mushroom that covers them. In a vegetarian or seafood casserole, these mushrooms can fool diners into thinking that they are eating crab or lobster both by taste and by appearance. They are also excellent powdered and used as a rub or to make a pink cream sauce for pastas or seafood.

As the cold sets in nothing helps keep up spirits then the comfort food of wintertime. Mushrooms are often a forgotten ingredient in stews, pies and soups and all that deep rich food that helps keep the warmth stuck to your bones. Their earthy deep flavours help blend dishes adding richness and complexity. Different wild mushrooms will yield different results and can make old recipes new again. Just like chocolate the depth of flavour in mushrooms make them one of the best aphrodisiacs.

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Chanterelles are among one of the most popular wild mushrooms, common in Europe and have been adopted into many different cultures. Our golden chanterelles are foraged in Quebec, Ontario and BC, but they grow from coast to coast. Chanterelles have a distinctive fresh fruity taste, texture and an apricot-like smell with a subtle woodsy finish.
They are often best combined with eggs, sauteed and then scrambled, or included in risottos, pastas or cream sauces, a Chanterelles best friends are butter and wine and works best In simple dishes where their flavour is highlighted. Other varrieties of Chanterelles such as the Yellowfoot and Blue have entirely different flavours.

Now winter is here there is no kidding our souls with the food we crave, rich deeply flavoured stick-to-the-ribs comfort food like soups, stews, sheppards pie, meatloaf chili, etc... The best way to give these dishes real depth is with Forbes Wild Foods dried mushrooms and or a small drizzle of birch syrup. Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting some of our amazing wild mushrooms and different ways they can be used to blend, deepen and intensify your dishes.

Welcome to 2012, this year we have tons of fantastic stuff planned to excite and titillate your senses. From adding new products to expanding our reach we will be rolling out cooking ideas, recipes and more.
Really we just hope everyone has a wonderful year filled with awesome food and adventure.
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