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Jenney Cheever
homeschooling mom, professional home organizer, writer, artist, educator
homeschooling mom, professional home organizer, writer, artist, educator

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"So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night..."
I started this blog on July 5, 2012, as a way to chronicle my family's journey toward a simpler, more rewarding life. Over the last four+ years, I've shared recipes, crafts, home projects, ideas, thoughts, and so much more. I've written about the many chang...

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How to Make Beard Oil
I happen to be in love with a man who has a really great beard. Yes, I know... I AM very lucky! :) Sometime in the last year or so, I started making him some homemade beard oil... he loves it because it keeps his beard and face soft, smooth and neatly groom...

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First Honey Harvest!
So the world has been going crazy lately, and I've started about 20 different blog posts the last 6 weeks, which I just haven't been able to find the words to finish. Rape culture, homophobia, mass shootings, racism, police brutality, murder of police offic...

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My New Favorite Lunch Recipe...
Most days, lunch for me is a big salad and/or some soup, or some leftovers from the previous night's dinner... but sometimes I get a craving for a really good sandwich. Who doesn't, right? My typical sandwich choices are hummus or cashew cheese , piled with...

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Routines! Part 2
So, last post I talked about how my daily routines help me keep up with my busy life. Today I'm going to talk about my weekly routines. While my daily routines keep up with the basic daily needs of my home and family (basic tidying, daily meals, laundry, et...

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Routines! Part 1
It's been a very busy couple of months around here, as I've been launching my new business, SimpleLife Home Solutions , while still managing my home and family and homeschooling 4 kids! I'm trying really hard to keep the balance, and so far, so good! Being ...

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Babies and Devices: Observations from the Grocery Store
This may come across as a "back in MY day... " rant, and I hope it doesn't. But I can't help but write about something I've noticed going on around me in cafes, stores and markets lately. Nearly EVERY young child, with the exception of a very small handful,...

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Before and After: Recycling Center
In a most embarrassing display of gender stereotyping, the trash and recycling in our home is the job of the two oldest men in the house. I generally try to stay as far away from this job as possible, because, really, I have enough of my own chores to do, a...

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Introducing... SimpleLife Home Solutions
So, I have some big things to share! After taking a year and a half off to give my family my full attention, I'm back to work. I have REALLY enjoyed the time I have been off and I'm going to miss being "just a mom" more than anything... but bills have got t...

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My New Coffee Station!
I haven't had a whole lot of time to write anything here of late... because I've been a busybusy bee, starting  up a new business and taking an online class, along with my regular Homeschoolin' Mom Duties. I'll have more to share about the new business vent...
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