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Two Face Therapy! Session #14


"its fun to run its fun to play its fun to make things out of clay its fun to fill ur car with gas its fun to breaaaakkk things made of glassss! Broken glass can cut ur hand and then u'll bleed across the land..."


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New Key of Awesome video.

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guuuuuuurl lol

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OK SO I WENT TO A RESTAURANT CALLD THE GREASY SPOON and mi dad orderd sausage egg and cheese sandwich and i orderd a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. so she was like "yhu want sausage......? ok.... uhm yhu said yhu wated cheese rite?... k..... egg too?..... ok..... sausage also??? k.... with chees....? alrite..." and mi dad is gettin so pissd so just repeats both or our orders. then the lady said ok so we went over and got out drink and wen we came bak to the counter she had finishd a sandwich and started working on sumbudy elses sandwich so mi dad says "uhm wat hapend to mi other sandwich? this one has bacon on it rite?" and she said yes then she CLAIMS she didnt hear him say anything about 2 sanwiches..... and she gave the last of the sausage to another guy so mi dad gets turkey sausage instead. the craziest thing hapend wen we got to the car tho... ther WAS no bacon sandwich... one had regular sauage and the other had turkey sausage. i gues she doesnt kno the difference between bacon and sausage... so mi dad said we arent going bak ther ever again..... and he ate mi sandwich so i just ate mcdonalds instead.... lol

Try this... I just came up with it and the first half worked lol... ik its stupid but I WAS BORED!

Valentine Challenge!

Get a piece of valentine's day candy (a lollipop is fine).

Wish for something special in your head.

Lick the candy (not too slowly) and think of what you do NOT want to happen tomorrow.

If you feel a slight shock on your tongue then tomorrow will be one of the best days of your life. If not, stand up and spin 3 times and tomorrow will be fine.

If you fall while spinning, tomorrow will not be much of a good day for you.

WARNING! This challenge expires by the end of this week (the "best day of your life" cannot happen on saturday, it wont count.)

AND... BEGIN! You have all week (week of February 13th)
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