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Jams is finally out! Give it a go and leave a comment if you have any suggestions/feature requests.

Jams v1.0 has been uploaded to Google Play! This is a general public release, so I'll be posting on Reddit in a few hours once Google updates their servers. I believe I fixed the HTC One volume issue last night (I wasn't keeping audio focus properly which caused it to ignore the controls). So if you have an HTC One, consider giving Jams another chance and see if it works this time with v1.0. If not (I really don't think this will happen), please let me know.

Thanks for all your support guys. Jams wouldn't have made it this far without all your guys' feedback and bug reports. :D

I've uploaded the last update before Friday's launch! Jams has a slicker, new look for the card based themes. Check it out! I'll also be filling in the last few missing gaps tomorrow (Scrobbling support, etc.). I've started work on the tablet layout, so that will be out in another week or so. Hope y'all had a great holiday and (late) Merry Christmas!

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Another day, another Beta (0.9.3). With more bug fixes and performance enhancements, this is definitely the most stable release that Jams has ever had. :D Go get it from the Play Store once it's available in a few hours!

Also, here's a trip down memory lane. This is how Jams used to look when it first started back in July/August.
A Trip Down Memory Lane
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Just uploaded Beta 9.2 to the Play Store. As you guys can probably tell, I'm basically going on a bug-killing spree right now. I've set the date for the launch on Tuesday (Dec 24th), but I'll post an update as well once I release the app. If you guys find any more bugs/have any suggestions, lemme know!

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Beta 9.1 is out! Don't let the version number fool you... this update packs about 50+ bug fixes and stability patches. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about being able to launch v1.0 on Sunday. Keep those bug reports coming in (if any)! Thanks for your guys' patience and continued support.

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Okay, I was testing out Jams on 4.4.2 (latest version of KitKat) yesterday, and I seem to have run into a major bug. The bug is with the Android OS, not the app. It only occurs on KitKat, but it'd be nice if you guys could confirm this for me (Jelly Bean/ICS users are welcome to do this as well):

Steps to reproduce issue:
1. Play a song.
2. Close the app by hitting the home button.
3. Swipe away the app from the Recent Apps list.
4. Open up your notification drawer and pause the song.
5. Hit "Play" in your notification drawer. The app should crash.

Apparently a LOT of people have been having this issue and bug reports have been filed already:!topic/android-developers/LtmA9xbrD5A

Just uploaded Beta 9 to the Play Store! The biggest addition is support for sorting by Album Artist. You'll notice a new "Album Artists" browser between "Artists" and "Albums" in the navigation drawer. Also, make sure you guys do a clean install (I've added a few low level stuff that won't work if you do a simple update).

Jams Beta 9 will be out tomorrow! I've added a couple of new features like support for sorting by Album Artists, help overlays (when the app is first launched), and a couple of new bug fixes. This will be the last Beta before the v1.0 release to the masses, so every tidbit of feedback will be extremely helful.

So I'm right in the middle of finals week at the moment. I'll be done this Friday and will get on my plane back home on Saturday. I have a 3 week break for Christmas so I can focus my energies on the app without any other distractions from Sunday onwards. Thanks guys for your patience. Really appreciate it.
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