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That weird!!!!!!! I logged in since first time in a long long time to find I had a comment on this blog it was from the awesomecommidore people... YAY the guys who reckon I am infringing on their imaginary trademark. Basically they created a whole bunch of ...

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The beginning of the universe the existence of life
I am not saying that there is anything wrong with
learning how things work obviously advances our technology and medicine
and  you could even start to look the big bang theory it actually
affirming the belief that something created that bi...

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Dont you just hate legal threats....
Don't you just hate it when you get legal threats online... I seem to always attract legal threat for "copyright" even though I am not infringing upon anything.... I once got a legal threat about on of my art blogs posting art that looked similar to another...

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This blog has done nothing wrong and isn't infringing copyright!
Logged on to my blogger account today which I haven't done in quite a while and noticed that some one has commented on a number of my blogs that I own and you can find through my g+ profile that I should remove this blog because it infringed copyright... er...

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CommidoreIsawesome So dont be a idiot!
Some silly moron started spamming a couple of my blogs that I host here on blogger and availble on my google profile  with comments ordering me to remove one of my blogs because it violates copyright and a patent over the use of my blog name... commodoreisa...

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Science explains nothing
The big bang theory, the theory of evolution.... it does not explain anything if you think about it! Survival of the fittest is a theory that comes true if you let it come true! Darwin's theory of evolution is a test of faith, for many it may bring doubt of...

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Mad greedyworld economics
Helping others is more important than helping yourself, but is a concept alien to society nowadays especially in England where "benefits" which are there to support those less fortunate is seen as something to sneer and hate! The almost greedy rhetoric bein...

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Art is communication and communication is making reality! That is something that you must remember with art... not based on shallow and superficial reasoning of impressing people or worse making money If you do base your art on the shallow superficial then ...

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Could I get away with this?!
Been wondering how to increase my height.. reason? well need to do something if I am going to be able to get into playing pro basketball...Not being big headed but I am pretty good on the ball but the one thing I lack is height and I am not growing any tall...

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My blog is broken... well sort of
Something is a bit wrong with my blog.. I dont exactly know what my blog design here should be responsive meaning if you were to make your browser window small it should all neatly compact together... but that really does not happen the opposite in fact and...
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