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"There's enough for everyone. Get YOUR slice!" *#GetYourSlice*
"There's enough for everyone. Get YOUR slice!" *#GetYourSlice*

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I hope you get some value from my conversation with +Janet Fouts - have a look and let me know if some of this resonates with your #BusinessDevelopment  challenges and wins.
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Online #shopping  on purpose!! 
This line of apparel and accessories is my go-to source for all types of #gifts: clients, friends, family, all occasions, and JUST BECAUSE! Click on the image and see what kind of swag you can score for yourself and those you care about. It's a message worth spreading.
Our world needs more #good   - don't you agree? 

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it's happening!!!
The nature of work is changing, and we are increasingly working flexibly, remotely, and while mobile. As organisations continue to look for increases in productivity while at the same time improving employee engagement, leveraging the breadth of expertise of its employees, and driving innovation within processes, products, and services, the need for improved digital capabilities and a shift to a sharing mindset amongst employees is ever growing.

Join us for this panel discussion as we explore the role of community managers in enabling and empowering organisations and employees in their digital and connected workplaces, digital and workplace transformations, and into the future of work.  

For more information, please check out:

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This #BeGoodToPeople  swag makes me really popular, every time i gift it!! I just bought a bunch more cool threads. This #BaseballT  is amazing, as is the #EmbroideredThermalLongSleeve  - OMG!!
I may have a #Framily  discount shopping code I could share with you if you want to follow and DM me on #Facebook  or #Twitter . #bribe  Shop

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A family fave. #MerryChristmas

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Lynn Abate-Johnson commented on a post on Blogger.
+John Corney this sounds amazing and i LOVE cardamom, so i must try adding that to my smoothies, and i am going to try out your recipe when i can gather up all those ingredients. Yum!! Thanks for sharing!

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New course from +Gini Dietrich?  HELL to the YES on this one.
Get yourself signed up. You'll thank me later. Gini and her crew will take good care of you, I promise....ok, well, maybe promise is too strong a word... LOL
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good stuff from +Shelly Kramer for this week in the news!

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Great post on the new #Facebook  features rolling out soon, by the wise +Robert Caruso right here.
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Time to preorder the new book by +Brian Solis. Get it done. this one is going to be great!
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