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For Sale iPhone 7S Plus £300 space grey 256gb

Decided to sell this on a whim. Been sitting around since I got the X last year. It’s not perfect some marking to the screen but nothing you’d notice in use but I want to avoid disappointment. Been in case all time and so back is unmarked. No box or accessories I’m afraid as these have been lost when I moved.

Price reflects condition and isn’t negotiable - if it’s not wanted at this price I’ll hand onto a family member.

I can upload pictures if needed but it’s very hard to see anything...

Bought and sold tons of stuff on PSC over the years and have been on the podcast with Ted and Steve a couple of times so can be trusted.


iPad Pro 10.5' with cellular (unlocked) will consider 64/128/256 and any colour.

Android Envy from an iOS Fanboy!

After watching Steve’s review of the Note 8 I have to admit to serious android envy.... the Note 8 is possibly the ultimate smartphone, having everything I would want/need for 2017/18 and probably beyond.

Features I desire....

Form factor/physical size, shape, screen, QI charging, headphone socket, USB C, pen, DeX, amoled always in screen etc, etc....

As discussed many times, I feel constrained to iOS I can’t see myself moving to Android but my point is that Apple have IMHO, fallen behind and made some very questionable decisions in recent times.

Maybe the X/10 will surprise and delight me - but it won’t have a pen, headphone socket or DeX which for me are almost worth the pain of converting.


Quick question(s) I'm considering a Chromebook to replace my iPad.

1. If using android apps can you download content - so e.g. If you had BBC iPlayer or Netflix can you down load programs to watch offline. Can you expand with SD cards?

2. Do all Chromebooks allow use of android apps.

3. Are there any Chromebooks that have cellular option ( nice to have - not essential as I can use my phone to tether)

4. I want something thin and light - any recommendations (bearing in mind the above) what about the Asus C100P Flip as it's only 890g vs iPad at 480g

So bottom line to make this work I need something thin and light and to be able to download content for offline viewing from streaming websites, including BBC, ITV, 4, Netflix etc ideally stirred on a 64 or 128gb SD card....

Thanks in anticipation....


Ok a TV question


55" LG OLED - LG OLED55B6V at £1,499


65" Samsung - UE65KS9000 at £1,299

Or even

65" LG OLED - OLED65C6V at £2,599

First time in ages I've agonised about TV's!

Anybody got any words of wisdom re OLED vs LCD/LED??


Idly listing to PSC as I cooked last night and 5 from the forum - Ted raving about a 6S Plus 128gb for £370 - suddenly realised I'd bought it and was actually listening to the show on it :-) slightly surreal!!

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I just wanted to comment on form factor for phones.

In recent weeks there has been quite a bit of comment within PSC circles on boring "soulless" glass slabs, discussion on the launch of the new Blackberry and the Gemini that Steve featured briefly in PSC 303. He also rightly raved about the Nokia Communicator 9500 (a phone I regretfully never owned).

Yesterday I was looking at tablets and came across the new Yoga book that comes in both Android and Windows and effectively uses two screens to provide a genuine typing/writing/drawing experience. FWIW If this came in dual boot I would buy it immediately!

See also

Lastly, for my sins I have been watching Westworld on Sky a sort of sci-fi/western fusion with tech! In this drama they used a device that looked about 6-7" as a communicator/phone but folded out to create a larger touch screen device for inputting data and in their case programming the synths etc!!

Anyway all this got me thinking that I was ready for the next big thing and for me it's hybrid devices they do more than one job....

My wish list:

Device that's small enough to fit into my pocket - prob 6" (this depends on aspect ratio, bezels etc) I must work well as a phone.

Fold out form factor making at least 10" tablet for productivity and media consumption.

Pen input for handwriting ideally using MS Office OneNote being my preference. MS Surface Pro 4 sets standard for this.

Physical keyboard but virtual one as per the Yoga Book acceptable. Could be removable or both!

Full desktop OS with mouse input - prefer Windows as MS Office. Ability to connect to monitor, keyboard, mouse for full desktop experience.

Must run a mobile OS as well with app support. I want to be able to use social media apps and easily download Netflix movies BBC iPlayer and watch off line on the go - not currently possible on a desktop PC!!

I commute into London every day and have to carry at least two devices, normally iPhone, iPad but recently I have needed to carry a Windows PC and have juggled with leaving iPad at home and making do with Surface Pro 4 but end up bringing the iPad as well - but often end up using my iPhone for everything!

Anyway I feel a revolution is coming and am prepared to move away from iOS (shock horror) if someone designed one device that I could use all day - phone, tablet, desktop - ideally with pen input!

I can dream can't I 😄

OK here's a question...

My father's nearly 88 years old. I've recently got him onto an iPad Mini and iPhone with a Bose Soundlink Mini 2 speaker for listening to digital radio and audio books.

He loves classical music and isn't impressed with how Spotify catalogue's music, or does search for that matter. He has a massive selection of classical CD's, which he hardly listens to these days and was wondering what the easiest way of digitising these CD's and then storing them for access via iPad or iPhone.

So I guess the question is what''s the best way to digitise, is it best to get a dedicated media server to house them and then how to stream to the devices. I was thinking about possibly using Plex as a starter for 10?

Cheers Nick

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