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I'm a cyborg but that's okay
I'm a cyborg but that's okay

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Fan theory #lifeisstrange  

Attention for everyone who didn't play Episode 4 yet. lots of spoilers ahead!

So i''ve been thinking about it a lot, and read in the internet that i am not the only one who came up with this theory.. however i am kind of worried about Nathan and that he might have made his last sassy comments. dgmr.. i'm not a big fan of Nathan but i don't totally hate him. I am actually quite convinced he also has a good side on him and it's just too easy to hate him.

But back to topic. It was weird how Nathan hasn't been at his own Vortex Club Party. We can't find him and didn't hear from him ever since we met him in the dormitories.
When we get a message "from Nathan" where he texts that he will get rid of evidence.. it's Jefferson texting us from Nathan's phone and surprising us on the junkyard. Jefferson is also apparently the last person who saw Nathan, since he tells us at the party, he saw him on afternoon. The dead body that is buried wears something blue.. Nathan wears a blue kind of vest under his jacket..  Also we find his jacket in the Dark Room, which means he doesn't wear it anymore. 
We all know Nathan kind of is messing up a lot and makes his father angry a lot of times (and probably Jefferson as well tbh..) i even think that one of the messages to Nathan, found in the Dark Room could be from Jefferson and not his father... but that's a whole other story again..

So maybe, since Max and Chloe were able to get into the dark room Jefferson, or Sean Prescott.. or both had enough of Nathan messing things up.. and might have killed him.
I really do hope this is not true. I think i might actually be sad if Nathan dies.. he's a good anti hero imo. 
But what do you guys think of this theory?  

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This song is perfect for Nathan, our Anti Hero! It's too easy to hate him.. so join the few who don't ♪ #lifeisstrange  

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