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Due to the lack of action and neglect by state and federal officials about the ‘rivers of evidence’ Public Herald released on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection keeping complaints ‘off the books,’ we feel it is our duty as the fourth estate to act on behalf of the public interest and go on record to demand a federal criminal investigation of PA DEP and US EPA.

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"Establishment publications like the New York Times and The New Yorker are quick to describe the relentless drift of Western Europe toward oligarchy and fascism, or to bemoan the end of democracy in Turkey, but they are less inclined to identify and evaluate similar events when they occur in their own back yard."

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"I was elected to serve this community, and to protect the rights in our Charter voted in by the people I represent. If we have to physically and nonviolently stop the trucks from coming in because the courts fail us, we will do so. And we invite others to stand with us.” – Grant Township Supervisor and Chairman Jon Perry.

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"Why is the governor so silent about the very real, well documented abuses and harms from fracking? Gov. Wolf may be named after a wild, untamed animal at the top of the food chain; but politically, especially when it comes to the dangers of fracking, he seems more like the timid sheep a wolf might eat."

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"“After sitting through almost two hours of those presentations, there’s no way I’m using my water,” said a resident of the North Hollow JKLM Energy investigation who attended a meeting to be assured their water was safe to drink."

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NEW FILM – INVISIBLE HAND: Out of the current struggle for democracy in an unfettered free market, Rights of Nature are born. **Please support this film & earn great rewards by donating today #givingtuesday #documentary #humanrights #democracy #nature #environment

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Help Public Herald fund our next documentary, INVISIBLE HAND #givingtuesday #democracy #humanrights #rightsofnature  

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"More than a month after unapproved chemicals were illegally dispersed into drinking water aquifers, 85 – 90% of the chemical mixture is still unknown. The chemicals were part of a “surfactant solution” used for a drilling operation by JKLM Energy, LLC at its Reese Hollow 118 well pad in Potter County, Pennsylvania."

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Public Herald will stream a Town Hall Meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday, 7 PM EST from Coudersport, Pennsylvania where groundwater contamination from shale gas drilling has impacted private and public drinking water sources since September 19th, 2015.

Concerned residents and attending experts will discuss problems and solutions amid virtual silence from public officials who have yet to issue notification, despite two public water supplies being shut off as a precautionary measure due to chemical pollution of shallow and subsurface water sources.

Read the story here:

Join us LIVE on WED 7PM EST

Viewers can post questions/comments at:
A town hall meeting will be held at Gunzburger Building, downtown Coudersport in Potter County, PA on Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 7PM to address citizen concerns after the contamination of public and private drinking water sources by a shale gas drilling operation.

Read about the contamination here:

Among concerns: Local officials and DEP have still failed to issue public notification, no chemical MSDS sheets have been provided of additives that were injected underground, and no public health official has addressed the potential health effects of exposures to the known chemical - isopropanol.

JKLM not been issued a violation or cease order, and they are running their own investigation of the extent of pollution.

Hydrogeologist Brian Oram and investigative journalist Melissa Troutman will be on hand for discussion, as well as members from local water monitoring groups. Environmental Risk Assessor Stephanie Simmons will join the conversation via conference line at 8PM.

Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection, local elected officials and JKLM Energy have been invited to attend. This town hall meeting will be live streamed starting at 7:00 PM EST.
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