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The ayurvedic centre provides classical Panchakarma and traditional Kerala ayurvedic treatments based on the assessment of the physician.

In Ayurveda, cleanliness and harmony of body and mind are the main achievement. In Ayushman we try to contribute to cleaner environment by using modern technologies to save energy. Cleanliness of all the interiors is one of our main priorities.

Our ayurvedic physicians - Dr. Riyas Ali, BAMS
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Ayushman is the Ayurvedic Treatment & Rejuvenation centre established in Pondicherry, South India. Ayushman offers classical ayurvedic treatments for wide range of illnesses, rejuvenation therapy to cleanse and refresh both body and mind. Ayushman is an effort to provide authentic ayurvedic treatment in compliance with international standards in Pondicherry. This ayurvedic centre has the state-of-art treatment facilities, yoga and meditation hall, special accommodation for VIPs and deluxe rooms as well as Ayurvedic pharmacy in the campus. Ayushman provides out-patient treatment facilities also regularly. If you are looking for an ayurvedic treatment or a weekend get-away in a Ayurvedic Health Spa, Ayushman offers different packages to suit every individual in need.
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