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Break cultural and communication barriers and open new markets.
Break cultural and communication barriers and open new markets.

As AURA we use our cross cultural business expertise to provide organizations the necessary know how to establish fruitful business relationships with their international counterparts.  An important part of our consulting service consists on assisting our clients to understand the other sides underlying interests during the negotiations.
We believe that a successful negotiation should:
* add economic value
* strengthen business relationships
* be efficient
* improve each party´s reputation
* result in a durable agreement
As an Observer or Advisor, our negotiations expert will help you prepare in advance for the negotiation and provide you with valuable feedback during the process to assist you in maximizing your negotiation results.
Our expert can also help you develop internal company negotiation procedures and policies designed to assist managers, directors and other company negotiators to be more consistent in their negotiation strategies and to become more successful in the results they obtain, while striving for a common objective.
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