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As per Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya at a Bharatiya Jana Sangh meeting held at Vijayawada from January 23 to 25, 1965 “
The ideal of the Indian state has been Dharmarajya. Tolerance of and respect for all faiths and creeds is an essential feature of the Indian state. Freedom of worship and conscience is guaranteed to all and the state does not discriminate against anyone on grounds of religion, either in the formulation of policy or in its implementation. It is a non-sectarian State and not a Theocracy”. The philosophy of dharmarajya derived from the Vedas and the Upanishads,
It means there shouldn't be any discrimination hence no ban on RELIGIOUS GROUND
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An other point of view about Auragzeb from  Hindu scholars  here is the link .
 A few excerpts " in recent years quite a few Hindu historians have come out in the open disputing those allegations. For e.g., historian Babu Nagendranath Banerjee rejected the accusation of forced conversion of Hindus by Muslim rulers by stating that if that was their intention then in India today there would not be nearly four times as many Hindus compared to Muslims, despite the fact that Muslims had ruled for nearly a thousand years. Banerjee challenged the Hindu hypothesis that Aurangzeb was anti-Hindu by reasoning that if the latter was truly guilty of such bigotry, how could he appoint a Hindu as his military commander -in –chief? Surely, he could have afforded to appoint a competent Muslim general in that position. Banerjee further stated: “No one should accuse Aurangzeb of being communal minded. In his administration the state policy was formulated by Hindus. A number of non-Muslims including Hindus, Sikhs, Marathas & Jats, were employed by him in his court. He did not compromise on the fundamentals of Islam, which are in fact the moving spirit of every faith. Historical facts must be interpreted in their true & objective spirit & not subjectively as expressed by the Hindu writers." Dr. BISHAMBHAR NATH PANDE’S VIEW

The late scholar & historian, Dr.Bishambhar Nath Pande’s research efforts exploded myths on Aurangzeb’s rule. They also offer an excellent example of what history has to teach us if only we study it dispassionately. Mr. Pande was ranked among the very few Indians & very fewer still Hindu historians who tried to be a little careful when dealing with such history. He knew that this history was ‘originally compiled by European writers’ whose main objective was to produce a history that would serve their policy of divide & rule.

In his famous Khuda Bakhsh Annual Lecture (1985) Dr. Pande said: “Thus under a definite policy the Indian history text books were so falsified & distorted as to give an impression that the medieval (i.e., Muslim) period of Indian history was full of atrocities committed by Muslim rulers on their Hindu subjects & the Hindus had to suffer terrible indignities under Muslim rule and there were no common factors (between Hindus & Muslims) in social, political & economic life.”

Therefore, Dr.Pande was extra careful. Whenever he came across a ‘fact’ that looked odd to him, he would try to check & verify rather than adopt it uncritically. He came across a history text book taught in the Anglo-Bengali College, Allahabad, which claimed that “three thousand Brahmins had committed suicide as Tipu wanted to convert them forcibly into the fold of Islam.” The author was a very famous scholar, Dr.Har Prasad Shastri, head of the department of Sanskrit at Kolkata University. (Tipu Sultan (1750-99), who ruled over the South Indian state of Mysore (1782-99), is one of the most heroic figures in Indian history. He died on the battle field, fighting the British.)

Was it true? Dr. Pande wrote immediately to the author & asked him for the source on which he had based this episode in his text-book. After several reminders, Dr. Shastri replied that he had taken this information from the Mysore gazetteer. So Dr. Pande requested the Mysore university vice- chancellor, Sir Brijendra Nath Seal, to verify for him Dr. Shastri’s statement from the gazetteer. Sir Brijendra referred his letter to Prof. Srikantia who was then working on a new edition of the gazetteer. Srikantia wrote to say that the gazetteer mentioned no such incident and, as a historian himself, he was certain that nothing like this had taken place. Prof. Srikantia added that both the prime minister & commander-in-chief of Tipu Sultan were themselves Brahmins. He also enclosed a list of 136 Hindu temples which used to receive annual grants from the sultan’s treasury.

It inspired that Shastri had lifted this story from Colonel Miles, History of Mysore, which Miles claimed he had taken from a Persian manuscript in the personal library of Queen Victoria. When Dr. Pande checked further, he found that no such manuscript existed in Queen Victoria’s library.
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Islam; The most secular Religion

There are two type of vistas of theism
1- belief : based on vague ideas in which some confidence is placed. Under this ideology belief is a perception. i.e. Becoming aware of something via the senses with materialistic approach, showing evidence of any mortal illiterate and ignorant precept.
2- Faith : Based on strong belief in a supernatural Divine power that control human destiny. Under this ideology, the concept of an unimaginable being as Almighty, of eternal manifestation; Creator, Immanent Reality; Without Fear, Without Rancor; Timeless Form; UN-incarnated; Self-existent; it is deepest and real common concept of every humane. Showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement.
Other so called religions are just fabricated ones under the belief Vista, or deviated from original religion, or derived from some kind of beliefs, as Bahá'í is the latest religion founded by a person named Bahaulla. A liberal offshoot of Islam,
A most important Hadeeth : “Entire humanity is the clan of God the Almighty, and amongst them the one is most superior in the sight of God, who is most pious.”
(005:048) For each one of you God has made a law and a method. Had Almighty willed, It would have made a single community of people, (but the God didn't) so that the God may test you in what has been given to you. Then lead, to excel each other in good deeds. To Almighty is the return for all of you. Then the God shall tell you about that in which you disputed.'
(6:107) We have not appointed you (O Prophet) as a guard over them, nor are you a taskmaster for them. Hens Islam preaches: whomsoever may be there they shouldn't be the, taskmaster over the humanity.
Hadeeth: Imam Ahmad recorded that prophet (bpuH) said; “I was not sent as a curse, rather I was sent as a mercy.” “May Almighty guide them to the right path”.
A Verse of Holy Quraán describe as (21;107) And thou hasn't sent (O! Prophet) but as mercy for all the worlds. The followers of Islam should be loving & be of Sympathetic & empathetic nature just according to the nature of the Prophet. There are many Verses in Holy Quraán those vividly describe the merciful phenomena in the religion Islam;
The Most most Important VERSE : (6:107) We have not appointed you (O Prophet) as a guard over them, nor are you a taskmaster for them. Hens the believers in Islam shouldn't be the, taskmaster over non-Muslims.
A Social Verse (002:148) For everyone there is a direction to which one turns his face. Strive, then, to excel each other in good deeds. Almighty will bring you all together wherever you may be. God is certainly powerful over everything.”
"Good deeds" Are the most desired common factor in day to day life for one and all & Almighty not only desires us to lead to excel each other in this endeavor, but promises to bring all of us together. Whereas every Muslim these days with little knowledge try to become a taskmaster and a supervisor over others.
Social aspects according to Holy Quraán (031:016) Surely, God does not like anyone who is arrogant, proud; (031:-018) "And swell not thy cheek (for pride) at any, nor walk in insolence through the earth; for God loveth not any arrogant boaster.

and be moderate in your walk, and lower your voice. Surely, the ugliest of voices is the voice of the donkeys.
Last but not the least there are few more very important Verse for mankind to understand Islam in its true perspectives:
And say, :The truth is from your Lord. Now, whoever so wills may believe and whoever so wills may deny. Surely, We have prepared for the unjust a fire (18:29). It is lucidly described that provide a clear cut option for people of understanding, 'the facts and the truth has already been been revealed by the Almighty now whomsoever wishes may adhere or otherwise may not'.
There are similar Verses just to admonish the same way, with the provision of no compulsion in religion; Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error:
If Allah willed, they would not have associated. We have not appointed you as a guard over them, nor are you a taskmaster for them. ﴾006:107﴿
So, if they turn away, then We did not send you (O Prophet,) as a supervisor over them. You are not responsible but for conveying the message. And when We make man taste mercy from Us, he rejoices with it, ﴾042:048﴿
The fact remain as; Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: He will lead them forth into light from the depths of darkness. Of those who reject faith, the patrons are the evil ones: they will lead them forth into the depths of darkness from light.(002:256-57). A most clear, lucid road map as a freebie:
Say, :O disbelievers; I do not worship that which you worship,nor do you worship the One whom I worship. And neither I am going to worship that which you have worshiped, nor will you worship the One whom I worship. For you is your faith, and for me, my faith.
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Beautiful Muslims & Christians sharing spirituality together congratulation  
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Haleem Farooqui commented on a post on Blogger.
True Religion not being a matter of conjecture and speech, not a mere profession of creed, but a criterion of facts & righteous conducts, as compound eternal truth.     

Illiteracy, ignorance, greed of wealth and fake fame plus vote politics, are the main factors of religious exploitation, in the name of miracles a lot of palatial Ashrams, Dergaahs sprung up with fame mongers, and mostly innocents become victims of those Peers & swamis of these dwellings , off-course with little benefits like providing shanty shelters and food to beggars.
Every right belief should be followed by right action, failing which a lot of belief systems may develop within us, and lead to religious exploitation.
Ishavasyam idam sarvam yat kincha jagatyam jagat,
Ten tyaktena bhunjitha ma gradhah kasya svid dhanam.
(Sri Ishopanishad)
[Meaning: All that is animate or inanimate in this universe is owned as well as controlled by the God. One should accept (use) for himself only that much as having been set aside by the God for him, and should not accept (should not lay hands on) other things, knowing full well to whom (the God) that belong.]
One must be conscious enough while invoking the Almighty as he is being followed by the LORD" "Surely your Lord is ever on the watch." (Holy Quraán 89: 14) A similer verse from Holy Quraán
Say, :The truth is that Allah is One, Allah is Besought of all, needing none, He neither begot anyone, nor was he begotten. And there is none like unto Him" (Holy Quraán 112:1-4)
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ا لحقُّ مُرٌّ -- ایک کڑوا سچ

چار۴ آیات ِ قرآنی کی روشنی میں دو۲ اختلافی قومیں ایک ہی کشتی میں سوار

ایک قوم سے اسکے رب نے کہا- " (2:47) اے اولاد یعقوب (بنی اسرائیل) میری اس نعمت کو یاد کرو جو میں نے تم پر انعام کی اور میں نے تمہیں تمام جہانوں پر فضیلت دی - تو بنی اسرائیل نے کیا کر دکھایا, اللہ سبحانہ و تعالیٰ فرمارہے (002:053﴾ اور جب ہم نے موسیٰ کو کتاب اور معجزے عنایت کیے تاکہ تم ہدایت حاصل کرو- ﴿002:051﴾ اور جب ہم نے موسیٰ سے چالیس رات کا وعدہ کیا تو تم نے ان کے پیچھے بچھڑے کو (معبود) مقرر کرلیا اور تم ظلم کر رہے تھے"
پھر اسنے , دوسری قوم یعنی امت مسلمہ سے کہا (110:3) "تم بہترین امت ہو جو لوگوں کے لئے پیدا کی گئی ہے تم نیک باتوں کا حکم کرتے ہو، اور بری باتوں سے روکتے ہو، اور اللہ تعالٰی پر ایمان رکھتے ہو -
ابو لہب کی بیٹی حضرت درہ رضی اللہ تعالٰی عنہا فرماتی ہیں ایک مرتبہ کسی نے رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم سے پوچھا آپ اس وقت منبر پر تھے کہ حضور صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کونسا شخص بہتر ہے؟ آپ نے فرمایا سب لوگوں سے بہتر وہ شخص ہے جو سب سے زیادہ قاری قرآن ہو سب سے زیادہ پرہیزگار ہو، سب سے زیادہ اچھائیوں کا حکم کرنے والا سب سے زیادہ برائیوں سے روکنے والا سب سے زیادہ رشتے ناتے ملانے والا ہو۔
:(ایک "فضیلت یاب" قوم، ( اسرائیل
اس تناظر میں حالات حاضرہ میں قومِ یہود کو دیکھا جائے, گو کہ دنیاوی آبادی ک اعتبار سے مٹھی بھر ہیں لیکن باوجود انکی گمراہیوں کے آج بھی امریکہ اور مملکت مشرق وسطیٰ کی سیاست پر انہیں پورا عبور حاصل ہے, یہ فی زمانہ انکی فضیلت کا ثبوت ہی تو ہے
دوسری "امت خیر"( امت مسلمہ) کے کار ہائے نمایاں: اسی تناظر میں ہند اور پاکستان کی امت مسلمہ کو دیکھا جائے, تو, ہونا تو یہ چاہیئے تھا کہ وہ اپنے منسب عظمہ کے تحت دیگر اقوام سے انصاف, خلوص اور ہمدردی کے معاملات سے انکے دل جیت لیتے اور اپنی امت کے ساتھ انہیں بھی خیر کے کاموں سے راغب کراتے اور برائیوں سے روکتے- جیسا کے سندہ میں محمد بن قاسم نے ان ہیں وجوہات سے غیر مسلموں کےایک بڑے تبقہ کونصرف اسلام سے روشناس کرایابلکہ انکی زبان کو عربی رسم الخط سے نوازا جس کو وہ آجتک محبوب رکھے ہوئے ہیں- اور"سندہی پاکستان" ثبوت کے طور پر شاہد ہے
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I remind him with due respect to a Verse in Holy Quraán. '(I seek refuge of the Almighty from evil, before quoting the same') "And whomsoever We give long life, We cause him to be reversed in nature. Then, do they have no sense?(036:068)" i.e. he who became old behave like the state of a child between infancy and adolescence.  It is better for him to follow the verse and get retired from politics, spend his time in salvation and supplication.
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