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Happy New Year! Some musings
Paul Adams I am not much given to optimism, neither the “unscrupulous”
kind so brilliantly exposed by Roger Scruton, nor the complacent kind that
assumes all is already well as it is. The first deplores present evils, it is
true. It calls for revolution and...

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Outstanding speech by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks | Former Chief Rabbi of the UK and the Commonwealth addressing the Vatican Conference on Complementarity of Man and Woman

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Muslim leaders face a dilemma - by James Schall SJ
Can Muslim leaders condemn the terrorism of ISIS without endangering their own lives and the integrity of the Qur’an? James Schall SJ  | 2 December 2014 Recently I saw a series of colored photos of the execution, beheading, crucifixion, or shooting in the h...

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Conscience, Social Justice, and Abortion - Paul Adams
Social Justice, and Abortion [1] Paul Adams ABSTRACT Many see abortion as a
matter of social justice, but differ on what "social justice" means.
The same is true of conscience. This workshop analyzes the concepts of
conscience and social justice...

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Ruthless Misogyny: Exploiting and Erasing Women
LGBT activists have a range of strategies for discrediting women who question their goals.  Rivka Edelman  | 13 October 2014 - See more at: Janna Darnelle’s recent essay, “ Brea...

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How we justify a market in children
Third-party reproduction inexorably leads to violations of human rights. Rickard Newman  | 25 September 2014 Third-party reproduction is a prism for violations against humanity. IVF and the sperm trade launched a wicked industry that now includes abortion, ...

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Woody Allen and the Buffered Self - Fr. Robert Barron
It was Samuel Johnson, in his poem "The Vanity of Human Wishes," who used the phrase, "To point a moral or adorn a tale." D.H. Lawrence quoted the line pointed out that often the (author's) moral pointed one way and the tale another (think of the famous exa...

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Aliens in Our Own Land: Persecution of Christians and Western Indifference - Dwayne Ryan Menezes
Can Christians ever be victims of genocide, asks Professor Mark Movesesian over at First Things magazine? Not only President Obama and his people, but also Condoleeza Rice and policy elites more widely seem to have a blind spot when it comes to the world's ...

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Chinese State Theology: Caesaropapism Lives - in China
WEDNESDAY, 13 AUGUST 2014 Chinese State Theology BY  MARCUS ROBERTS   | Why on Earth would an officially atheist country’s ruling class decide to create a new theology? Furthermore, why on Earth would anyone listen to what that ruling class had to say? The ...
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