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Why, in Chrome, do I frequently see a message saying that it prevented a popup... But the message appears immediately after I close a popup that it did not prevent?

Please PLEASE don't let this be the way Joe Paterno's legacy is defined.

Dear David Stern.

It's interesting to me that you're willing to be remembered as "the commissioner who watched an entire NBA season be cancelled". The idea that you and the owners should get more than half of all revenue is laughable.

Consider this: how popular would your league be with no players? IT WOULDN'T EXIST!!! Without the talent that the players bring, there is no NBA, and therefore no NBA revenue to split.

If the NBA had never existed, these players would still assemble in European leagues, in exhibition matches and on city playgrounds... Their talent would be on display. Fans would congregate and express wonder at the physical ability of the players.

Now, that's going to happen based solely on your greed. In writing this, it occurred to me that the NBA and the owners bring nothing except too many "tv timeouts" to the sport.

I'll be happy to watch video highlights of my favorite players this year as they play all over the world. And I'll smile as I remember that I didn't have to buy a $95 ticket from you in order to do so.

RIP Al Davis.

It's said to see you go, you have contributed to the NFL in ways most people will never understand.

In no way am I making light of your passing, but the Raiders will probably be much, much better now.

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RIP Steve Jobs. You changed the world; not just the tech world, not just your world, not just my world... You literally changed the planet. Your vision is comparable to the songwriting duo of Lennon and McCartney.

It's a sad day, but at least you saw your creation rise, grow, and become a juggernaut that even you could not have envisioned. It's so sad that you went so young, but I'm happy that you were able to have that satisfaction.

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The blue drummer from Recycled Percussionist just dreeeeeeeaaaaaaaammmmmyyyyyy. :-)

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Going to see The Killers at VMWorld. I like this band a lot, but this is kind of humiliating. :-)

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Anybody ever heard of a Starbucks that won't take Starbucks gift cards? HERES ONE!!! (They claim they're owned by TI, which clearly means they shouldn't accept gift cards with the same logo as the one on the door...)

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Meeting the old crew
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