Your DJ should not be your photographer !

I performed at a wedding this past weekend. The couple purchased one of my premiunm packages. I set up for their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. The ceremony contained a couple of traditions I have not seen before. A Wiccan tradition of where colored ropes are wrapped around the couple`s hands and
they pulled their arms to create a knot. Hence, "tying the knot". Another tradition they used was Celtic, the Loving cup ceremony. The purpose of the Loving Cup ceremony is for the bride and groom to share their first drink together as wife and husband and to show the coming together of two families. The ceremony 
was beautifully done by Minister Marc Pun of Pun Nuptials aka Reverends Pun. He is always a pleasure to work with and always accommodates the couple`s dream ceremony.
The thing that made me scratch my head, was the "photographer". Despite the fact she was not dressed for the occasion, as a guest or a professional, she was uninvolved in this unique ceremony. She wasn`t upfront near the couple, she was standing in the back. Sure she took a couple of pictures, but was totally inattentive, missing the key "money shots" of the ceremonies, as stated above. I could not believe my eyes.
What was she doing ? She was always checking her phone constantly and scrolling !
Having an interest in photography, liking to think I have an eye for the shot and often taking pics or videos at weddings for promotions and to show to future clients, I shot some video and screen captured many of those shots. I am so glad I did. I will send them to the couple and I`m sure they will appreciate it. 
They were a lovely couple and deserved to have those moments caught. 
Not wanting to embarrass the couple, I will only share shots without their faces to show you the unique traditions.
Couples, this is your once in a lifetime moment and celebration. A good photographer will be attentive and capture those priceless moments for you. 
Consider carefully who will be responsible to get them.
Your DJ should not have to be your photographer as well.
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