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Liz Brannan
Obsessed with words, fashion, cowboying, and the perfect red lip.
Obsessed with words, fashion, cowboying, and the perfect red lip.

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Stories in My Coat Pocket
This is Rick Davis. I met him yesterday on board The Islander on our way to Santa Rosa. His father served in WWII and Rick served in Vietnam. He affectionately called me a little asshole for taking his picture and we cried about our friends who've been hurt...

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Flying With Your Feet On the Ground
Where do you feel the closest to “bliss?”  That euphoric
place between earth and sky where your heart might actually beat out of your
chest from joy, just from being alive... That spot your soul recognizes as if greeting
an old friend… What is that place to...

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I Promise You
What feels like many years ago, I began writing this blog. It took awhile, but eventually it found its' voice and the goal was to encourage women who broke the mold. Women who wanted to be better cowboygirls, hands, horsemen....women who wanted to be master...

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It's the Heart of the Matter
Everything will probably not go according to plan this Holiday season, and that’s ok. The kitchen floor might be sticky for the entirety of December, and that’s ok. You might not have made Martha Stewart worthy gifts for all the neighbors, and that’s ok. Yo...

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LavenderHaus + Buckaroo Barbie
For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that when  LavenderHaus  asked if I would be brand rep for them, I said YES!! very enthusiastically and all in capitals. Just like that. And what made me so interested in the first place was the ethos be...

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Follow Friday
I can feel the satisfaction building up deep within my gut where I store all the words….I’ve written all day long despite feeling like I’m fighting off the flu and after a 3-hour nap I am almost feeling Liz-like again. What are your plans for this evening/w...

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Hello From The Otherside
Wake up. Sit up. Get up. I know, I know….you don't want to and I didn’t want to either. Do it anyway. You’ve cried, you’ve grieved, and you’ve sufficiently licked your wounds in the comfort of the darkness of your heart. You won’t feel as if you’ve sufficie...

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Quote of the Week
We used to have a "Quote of the Week," did we not? I liked those. And I needed a good bolstering quote today and then I found this and thought that it really ought to be shared here on Buckaroo Barbie. So. Even though it is a bit late Monday night, I hope y...

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And You Let It Go
Hey. Remember me? Ya, I was totally avoiding you guys. I know that isn’t very kosher considering all we’ve been through over the years, but I didn’t know what to say. Or rather, I knew what I wanted to say but I also knew it wasn’t healthy. If any of you fo...
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