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A Boots Haul
Hey... Is it just me or do all your products always finish at the same so you need to go spend a small fortune on all things hygienic?! Honestly it happens to me all the time. I really needed to stock up on these necessities so a trip to Boots was on the ca...

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Scottish Music Scene: Fatherson
Hey Guys, As a radio student I am always discovering new music and especially Scottish music. Today I'm going to be starting a new series where I introduce you to bands and artists from Scotland that I feel like people are missing out on because they haven'...

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Money Saving Food Tips
Hey Guys, Recently in class I was creating a magazine radio show about Freshers Week and I also did a feature on my money saving tips when it comes to food shopping and I thought why not bring it to me blog as some of you might find this useful. I use a lar...

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20 Before 20
Hey Guys, Can't believe I am typing this but I'm going to be 20 in less than 6 months. In 6 months time I will no longer be a teenager which is absolutely crazy when I think about it! Today I'm going to write a post about some things I've always wanted to t...

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My Current 'To Be Read' List
Hey Guys, Today I am sharing my current To Be Read list with you! I moved up to Glasgow at the weekend (room tour coming soon!) and I knew I couldn't bring all of my books with me so I selected a few that I want to read asap! I love reading for me it is a w...

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What I Ticked Off My Summer Bucket List
Hey Guys, Back in July I shared with you my Summer 2016 bucket list and today I thought I would share what I actually ticked off as that's me finally moved back to Glasgow and back to classes. I'm quite please to be honest because a lot of things got ticked...

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What I Loved In August
Hey Guys, I'm back with another favourites post and not going to lie they are extremely random! I am not obsessed with makeup and products so they hardly come into it but I do have a few!                                     First off it's the youtuber Will ...

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Lazy Blogging: What Is It?
Hey Guys! This month I am going to try and attempt the Lazy Blogging September Challenge which is a  challenge which trys to help bloggers that are quite lazy like me to get into a better blogging schedule! Lazy Blogging is a twitter account which was set u...

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I Went To The Edinburgh Fringe
Hey Guys, Last weekend I travelled up to Edinburgh to visit my friend Sean as well as see what all this fuss surrounding the Fringe was as I have never been! For people who don't know the Edinburgh Fringe is the world's largest Arts festival which runs thro...

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All The Bright Places - Book Review
Hey Guys, I'm back with another book review! I know it's been ages but I haven't fallen in love with a book like I have with this one in so long! Not going to lie I put off reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven for so long as there was so much hyp...
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