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Glogster + Time = ?
I logged into Glogster, and I was happy with all of the
templates I could pick! There were about 30 different templates all with
different themes and formats, and I was excited!  ‘ I decided to go with a history timeline, and I figured I
could turn this int...

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Glogs is a Weird Word
Glogster is where you make glogs. Glogs are graphic blogs. Glogs is also a weird word. While glogs is a
strange word, glogs are actually just a way to create online posters. It makes even the most "uncreative" person look like Picasso. GlogsterEDU
is a free...

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Last night, I had so many dreams about GAFE. It was
wonderful. I know that for my telecollaborative project, I want to
create a literary magazine. With this literary magazine, it would be amazing to
use Google Docs in order to have students collaborate with...

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GAFE...Not Just Another Acronym
Two years ago, Howard County introduced GAFE. For at least six months of that year, I had no idea what GAFE meant, and I just figured it was another acronym I would never understand or care about. I finally found out that GAFE stands for Google Apps for Edu...

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Small, Tiny, Issues with Weebly
I continued my adventure with Weebly! I decided that for my
Critical Information Literacy Project that I would create another website. I know what you’re thinking—overachiever. Well,
that’s part of it, but I also wanted 1) more practice with Weebly and 2) w...

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So after much thought (and some helpful comments), I
brainstormed some ideas for how to use in the classroom. For example: ·       Current
Events: For a social studies classroom, it would be great to use
in order to have students scoop cur...

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Two Scoops Ahead!...without the yucky raisins. reminds me of the bulletin board in the copy room
at work. The bulletin board has all sorts of information about upcoming dates,
flyers, and “interesting” articles. You know, the dates that passed three
months ago, or the flyers that are only for S...

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A Wee Bit O'Fun With Weebly!
So I decided to start my adventure with Weebly today. At first, I was like, “Ugh. This
is going to be a pain.” To my surprised, I tried to start an account with
Weebly, but apparently I already had one. Of course, I had forgotten my
password and had to rese...

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Technology is fun! Technology is great! You should be using it all the time! Yes! All the time...even if you have no idea how to use it! Just do it because we said so! This unfortunately is how education seems to work when it comes to incorporating technolo...
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