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Jay Exonauts
One part space cowboy. One part copy wizard. Makes one serving of geek.
One part space cowboy. One part copy wizard. Makes one serving of geek.

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"...a team of scientists has confirmed seven Earth-sized exoplanets orbiting TRAPPIST-1, a star located just 39 light-years away from our Sun. The six inner planets are very likely to be rocky, are roughly the same mass as Earth, and are thought to have comparable surface temperatures to our own planet. Three of the planets may even be able to support liquid water and perhaps, life."

#exoplanets #jackpot #space #astronomy #woohoo!

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"Bone hard grappling hooks poised to pierce and immobilize night falls, many sand strikers emerge to feast..."

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From the Armory of Awesome Things, comes: JOHNNY SEVEN O.M.A.!

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American city states of the future...

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Why yes, I do believe that there is gameable! Money quote: “The roach is not really interested in being on a human, and he wouldn’t be if the human was awake,” Schal notes. That’s why almost all roach invasions happen while the person is asleep.

Where did photos go? I want to start an album and have other people contribute to it, but I can't even find it!

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Entertainment turned surveillance! Authoritarian state listening device? Blackmail funnel? Criminal dragnet? So many uses!

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Come try out a variety of cool, new space games, including:
-> Galaxy Trucker
-> Escape the Aliens From Outer Space
-> Star Trek: Ascendancy
-> Star Trek Panic!
-> Firefly
-> Battle Beyond Space

...and feel free to bring your favorite space opera board game to try out!
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Unpublished works are good fodder for adventure hooks. This one is a doozy!
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