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Steve Routledge
Iam a 44 year old bird obsessed and wildlife mad Yorkie living in North Lincolnshire.
Iam a 44 year old bird obsessed and wildlife mad Yorkie living in North Lincolnshire.

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The Big Count....MSQ,Sunday 18.05.2014.
As the title suggests i was hoping for a big count of Odonata on my visit to the Sand Quarries today and didn't fair too badly with the most Hairy's recorded this year with 20 individuals being seen.It is hard to gauge how many are on the reserve on some oc...

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North York's Lepidoptera etc.....Saturday 17th May 2014.
An organised meet today with Allan,Colin and Jackie,saw me heading bright and early to North York's in the hope of seeing two of this country's rarest butterfly species..Duke of Burgundy and Pearl-bordered Fritillary.I planned to visit Forge Valley first,so...

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MSQ Odonata etc....Sunday 11.05.2014.
With an unsettled days weather forecast again for today,i was undecided whether to go out,but as the sun broke through another rain shower i decided to head over to MSQ in the hope there had been an emergence of the hoped for Dragons and Damsels in numbers ...

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Stridd Woods And Upper Wharfedale.....05.05.2014.
After Trace and myself had stayed in Leeds the previous evening and as the forecast was pretty good,we decided to drive the short journey over to the Bolton Abbey Estate and visit the superb Stridd Woods and River Wharfe.We paid our entrance fee for the day...

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GWE etc.....Saturday 03.05.2014.
After spending a long week at work and seeing the forecast the previous night,i got home from my night shift,had a quick sleep and then decided to go over to Barton to see if there was anything 'New In'.After arriving in the old visitor centre car park i ma...

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Tophill....Another Cracking Visit..Saturday 26.04.2014.
A full day out today despite the forecast of cool conditions and the chance of rain i decided to head over to the home county and meet up with fellow birding and bug enthusiasts Martin and Doug.Heading over the Humber it was slightly misty,but a big improve...

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Return To The Sand Quarries....Monday 21.04.2014.
With a decent forecast in prospect today i headed down the M180 to Messingham and the gem of a reserve that is Messingham Sand Quarries managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.I started the visit in usual fashion by looking on the sheep fields and the us...

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Wonderfull Hatfield....Good Friday,18.04.2014.
A full day on the cards today after picking Trace up and taking her home to get some sleep and i decided to go and visit one of the other parts of the superb and extensive Humberhead Peatlands at Hatfield.I used Boston park as a base and tried to cover as m...

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Taken recently while walking over the Humber Bridge.

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Another sunny day on offer today saw me heading over to MSQ to see what goodies were on offer at this superb inland reserve.I started in usual fashion by checking the sheep fields,new workings and pools and they revealed some decent numbers of birds which i...
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