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DRL Upgrade
When I originally fitted the Daylight Running Lights (DRL - Total cost $3) it
was always a proof of concept and a bit of fun.  They looked good but I
had never had them fully road tested. On the way to Stoneleigh I drove behind a friend Andy to see if his...

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Broken Exhaust Bracket
Decided it was time to look again at the rear exhaust bracket. 
As well as being a bit ugly, it continues to ground on sleeping
policeman.     I took this photo a couple of weeks ago to demonstrate
the 'before' situation. What I failed to ...

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With the shrinkage of the kit cars shows, we really only have Stoneleigh left, the first show of the summer season.   So I really ought to go, particularly as the Club holds it's AGM and then lays on a hog roast.  I wasn't sure about camping overnight but e...

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Power Steering Pump Reservoir
Only been back 24 hours but been busy   To be fair, as she was working so well a couple of weeks ago, I decided to leave everything until after Stoneleigh. One of the concerns I have always had with the car relates to the
power steering pump.  Obviously th...

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Stilton Cheese Run
Lovely day out driving the Stilton Cheese Run, for the 4th year
in a row.   On my first run we had 4 cars, this year we had 16
Robin Hoods and 4 other cars, all in formation.  And 3 other Robin
Hoods who decided to drive the route as indiv...

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Spark Plugs
Mustn't forget annual maintenance, particularly as she is getting on a bit.   Decided it would do no harm to give her a new set.  Very pleased to see the heads were a perfect chocolate colour showing the mixture is perfect. Slightly concerned at the oil on ...

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Back to the Factory
Every so often Great British Sports Cars (who took over Robin Hood Engineering) have an Open Day, with coffee and cakes.   So I took the car there, as she was first sold from there as a kit about 15 years ago.    Here are some pictures:  

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More Bling
Recently I was looking at some pictures of another Superspec in Italy and realised that we were missing something that most other cars have, the make and model number in chrome on the back.  Easily fixed.

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Lambda Sensor
When I took her out a couple of weeks ago it was obvious the lambda sensor was not happy.  This was the data readout: What should happen is that the ECU sets the status to ON when the engine starts, then monitors the output from the sensor.  If it doesn't s...

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Hot exhaust sign
Having already had a passenger with a burnt leg I decided to add yet another warning message.  Hopefully it will help.
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