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This PR is a great example of how I hoped that ng-annotate would be used. They first used it (once) with --remove to make code beautiful again (stripping previously manually inserted annotations but not touching anything else). That's why you see the diff removing lots of stuff. Then used with --add in build script to add annotations prior to minification. All automatic. Should they change their minds and want to go back to storing annotations in the repo, it's all taken care of too. <3 #angularjs

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These articles from +mike bayer on SQLAlchemy hybrids and value agnostic types are very informative:

SQLAlchemy is great because it's flexible. But this flexibility makes properly using SQLAlchemy quiet hard at times. For example one needs to be a good Python programmer to properly use SQLAlchemy.

So usage pattern articles and recipes like those are very important, and very appreciated.

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Open position @ #Camptocamp !!!

Afin de compléter sa division ”#Business Solutions” à Chambéry en France, Camptocamp est à la recherche de 4 profils.

Merci d'envoyer votre dossier complet à :

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Good skiing with +Pierre GIRAUD and +François Van Der Biest on friday! Looking forward to the next outing.

JavaScript developers, read JavaScript Garden if you haven't done so yet.

Interesting tutorial/example from +mike bayer on how to create "database routers" with SQLAlchemy.

We (OpenLayers dev team) have added tile animation support in OpenLayers! See for example for a live example.

The animations are based on CSS3 transitions, this means that animations will occur in capable browsers only.

This is in the development branch, and will be available in the next release, 2.12. (2.12 isn't released yet!).

People living on the edge and using the development branch can read the notes in to know how to enable (or disable) tile animation. Please help us test tile animation, and report issues you encounter.

Here are some (random) details on the implementation: we used to rely on the "display" property to hide/show tiles, to be able to transition we now rely on both the "visibility" and "opacity" properties. This is pretty typical, see for an interesting article on that subject. The most difficult part was the get zoom transitions (a.k.a resize transition effect) and tile animation play well together. In short: if you remove the back buffer before animations complete you'll get ugly and disturbing flash effects. We delay the removal of the back buffer to address that.

Thanks @fredj for your initial work on that. Thanks @tschaub and @ahocevar for the reviews and proposed changes. Thanks @lordi for the bug report. Thanks Leaflet for the inspiration.
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