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Aviana Knochel
A sword- and dragon-loving engineer with a penchant for robots, guns, and space.
A sword- and dragon-loving engineer with a penchant for robots, guns, and space.


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This is a contest from one of my favorite clothiers, Volante Design, and they're giving away a custom sized version of their newest jacket design. Go check it out!

G4-TV is deciding its GOTY using fan votes. Using your Facebook account, go to and vote for Skyward Sword! It's up against that abomination of an RPG, Skyrim! If it wins, it will go up against either Assassin's Creed or Gears of War 3. Skyward Sword deserves all the awards it can get, so let's show those tightpants over at G4 what true fans are!

There's a lot to be thankful for this year. For one, I'm pretty thankful that I got into a good college, and for the scholarships that covered all of my first semester's expenses. I'm thankful that both my parents not only have jobs, but have gotten promotions. I'm thankful that my family loves me, and wanted me to stay home with them instead of moving away to college. I'm thankful for the internship I got over the summer, and all the years of robotics that led to that internship, and the many mentors and teachers I've had along the way. I'm thankful for a brother who always has my back, and a friend who still listens, while residing half a nation away. I'm grateful for old school friends who give me a laugh on a daily basis, and new school friends who help me through my classes. I'm thankful for the two best cats in the universe, one a brother, one a son.
But I'm also grateful for the nation, state, and city I live in. I'm grateful for property rights, and all ten amendments (especially 1 and 2), and the liberty to work as hard as want and get as rich as I want. I'm grateful to the military who protects me (and whose ranks I almost joined, only to realize I'd be wasting my nation's money trying to do something I'm not good at). I'm grateful for the success of previous heroes, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to join their ranks one day. In fact, I'm grateful that I'm alive and of sound mind and body. I'm thankful that if there is a God, he has blessed my life with good fortune, and if there isn't, my parents have raised me well enough that I learned to make my own luck. I'm thankful that, on this Thanksgiving, I have the ability to take a break from stuffing my face with fried turkey and garlic-butter mashed potatoes and sit with my netbook in bed with my cat, listening to songs from the Legend of Zelda off my smartphone, and type out this thank you letter to the world. On this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that the world is just awesome.

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So I'm a fan of the new layout.
Do you want the brand new YouTube Design? - Here we go!

If you want the new YouTube layout before it's rolled out officially you just have to follow this 4 simple steps:

1. Go to
2. Press Ctrl + Shift and J in Chrome to open the Developer Tools
Press Ctrl+Shift+K in Firefox
3. Click on the "Console" Tab and enter
4. Reload the website and enjoy the new layout.

Killed it on the math test!

Ugh, first engineering math test tomorrow. Should be interesting using the weird CASA system.

Does anybody want an invite to Google Music? I have 8 invites left.
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