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42 Food products that have translated poorly into English.

#Engrish (イングリッシュ Ingurisshu?) is a slang term for the misuse of the English language by native speakers of some East Asian languages.

Bon appetit!
Funny - Food Products that Have Translated Poorly Into English
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Been trying to compile new builds for a couple days but keep getting the following message, then the builds stops.

Checking build tools versions...
build/core/ * device/samsung/qcom-common/init: MODULE.TARGET.STATIC_LIBRARIES.libinit_msm already defined by device/qcom/common/init.  Stop.

I've cleared my build folder but get the same message. Ideas?

The last 2 builds I compiled for d2lte force closes when selecting Pie in settings. I flashed the builds dated 2/13 and 2/15. I'm on d2vzw specifically. I flashed 2/13 clean and dirty flashed to 2/15. Ideas?
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