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I'm an outdoor foodie who loves kittens and art.
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WebMD for Android

24/7 access to health information and decision-support tools.WebMD for Android helps you with your decision-making and health improvement ef

Victorian Steampunk Wedding

Brace yourself, everyone -- we have a real wedding that's going to completely blow you away. This Victorian affair has every single detail n

Chaos Life - Confession: Babies

Archive · About · Donate · Links · Gallery · "Confession: Babies". Confession: Babies. Archives... Confession: Babies, SOPA/PIPA P

Nothing About Us Without Us: Women’s Voices Must Be Heard!

Women's voices must be part of the discussion over birth control. The human rights framework requires that government represents the needs a

I Stand With…the Right to Health

Too often, women's health falls victim to agendas that prevent women from exercising their human rights.

GOP Candidates Pledge to Bring Back Torture

Saturday's GOP debate reminds us why upholding the law is so important. As a nation we chose to brush the crimes of the Bush administration

Top 25 grammar and language mistakes | Articles

Are you guilty of making any of these prevalent spelling, word usage or punctuation flubs?

Music Video: ‘The Office’s Stanley Hudson (Leslie David Baker) Sings “2 ...

Stanley Hudson, from 'The Office', put out his own music video under his real name, Leslie David Baker. "2 Be Simple" is surprisingly catchy

Top 5 Salad Recipes of 2011 — Oh She Glows

     Last night, as I was eating my 4th holiday cookie in a row dunked in Holly Nog, I started to think about salad. and Green Monsters. Fun

Endurance Crackers — Oh She Glows

Remember the chia seed crackers that we ate at Chocolatree Café just before hiking up 0.6 miles of rocky mountainside? Here they are in all

Pursuit Of Happiness

KiD CuDi Feat. MGMT & Ratatat

Infographic: The Importance of Employee Engagement

Have you ever wished that your manager would do a better job motivating the team? Print and staple this infographic on the office cork board

All of the biscuits.

Yea, I know you. You saw that soup yesterday and thought “Huss. What are those biscuits?  Why didn’t you blog that?!? I don’t have time for Walmart - She Said, He Said... Point and Counterpoint

Walmart - She Said, He Said... Point and Counterpoint (24. January 2012, 07:31 by Exit133) ~ All over but the shouting? You may have noticed

Send a Personalized Phone Call from Santa - brought to you by Gmail

Spread holiday cheer to friends and loved ones with a personalized phone call from Santa

Going Mental: Photography is like an open book to the world. - Lisa Jones

Photography is like an open book to the world. - Lisa Jones. These are some old pictures from various folders but I really felt like posting

What If The GOP Field Became CEOs?

Did you know who Herman Cain was in 2008? We didn't. We didn't even know what Godfather's Pizza was in 2008. Now everyone knows who Herman C

Congress pushes back on healthier school lunches

Who needs leafy greens and carrots when pizza and french fries will do?

The One.

Let me start this by saying, if you are the kind of person who puts up their Christmas decorations on October 29th, we are not friends. Ok t