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Doing great without cable!  Wanted to check in and let you guys know that I am using a samsung arm chromebook as my media device for my tv.  hulu and the networks' websites.  

I attempted a Clear 4g home hub, but that was a complete failure.  While the coverage map showed signal in my area, I was still at the outer edge and they may have been overzealous on the map.  Ended up keeping my uverse interwebs and it seems to be fine.

We watch alot of shows on PBS over the air with a ClearStream Micro R or even better just sit together and read or talk.  Its great not being obligated to watch cable because your paying for it.
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Will the Chromebook work for all streaming sites? Comedy Channel, Hulu, and so on? There are many sites that would not work with Android...
I don't know for sure about all streaming sites.  For the most part hulu works fine, shockwave crashes every now and again causing me to reboot.  Not too big of a deal.  I bought an episode of Revenge through the Google Play store and it worked fine too.  I do know that Netflix is not yet supported, but I've never used it so I am not missing anything.
Thanks... I use Netflix a lot. I will just go with what is tested, Windows. I am looking for a second hand thing to set it as a media computer.
+Jason Stover are you able to use regular hulu and not hulu+? Are you watching pbs via the pbs web site?
Yes I can watch hulu just fine on the chromebook, havent ventured to huluplus yet. I havent tried the pbs website yet, all OTA.

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