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Good morning cord cutters!  I am just about to make my move back into the cord cutting world.  Started out with Time Warner about 3 years ago and was so mad about the horrible picture quality.  Went a year with just OTA signals and enjoyed it.  Then decide (poorly) to try U-Verse.  TV picture quality is much better, but I've had the tech out about a half dozen times to repair with the cable and internet go out.  Very unstable product.  So here I am...Going back to OTA.

Question for you all.  What is your internet solution?

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The Chrome browser on Google TV is decent...especially on the newer devices.
XFinity Internet service is pretty fast for @ $30 a month. 
Thanks.  Is any one truly without cords and using a mobile hotspot, or most of us still using a time warner/u-verse/xfinity/fios "wired" solution?
I believe that most still have to be "wired" in some way, unfortunately. 
Clear makes a great 4G wireless Internet hub for the house... 50 per month, 0 issues
I wondered about them.  I tried the Apollo hot spot a year ago and had signal reception issues in the house.  I wonder if the house hub would receive signals better.
They have it broken down by address and can fairly, accurately tell u what speeds u can consistently expect..
877-971-0715...A Happy customer.. :o) 
I went from UVerse to OTA personally.  I kept UVerse for my internet connection and I'm very satisfied.  Until Google Fiber is available in my suburban area, I'll probably stay that way.  

Yep, I live in KC.
I'm OTA plus a really good Internet connection through Uverse.
Thanks folks.  Appreciate the responses!
I use Charter Cable I get 22 mbps down and I can stream HD simultaneously to a 1080i 42", 1080p 55" and 720p 32" with no problem. I use a wired Sony blu ray player and snmp-200 wireless along with an HTPC running xbmc to acquire content. 
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