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It's embarrassing sometimes.
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They need to add that time magically resets itself halfway through the day in the US.
the USA is rest of the world's "special" cousin.
Imperial has a human scale, and very natural logic.
I get everything except the date pyramid. Why is day the top of the pyramid? Because it changes the most?
I wish they would stop teaching us this bologna here in the US. Elementary school is horrible here. Our entire education system needs to be revamped. While they're at it, they should ban McDonalds and Burger King from the country.
oh I get it... days make months make years.
Metric is so simple once you decide to try.... and our schools still teach the arbitrary feet and inches crap... packaging with fractional ounces and whole litres... or fractional litres with whole ounces... makes for a mixed up mess.
"try" - cheeky. I was educated in metric, but I find nothing arbitrary about feet and inches nor difficult about fractions. Just seems some people prefer dumbing down?
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