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Dana Williams-Johnson
I like to laugh, loudly.
I like to laugh, loudly.

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We Barked at the Park #yardsofhappiness #natsbestbuds #CherandJelly

I asked you guys for your prayers last week and I think they worked! To start of the week for my husband’s birthday I got us tickets to the Washington Nationals game for Bark at the Park, where you can bring your dogs wit you to the game. And the girls…

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It Doesn't Have to Be Hard #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn

I fly through most knitting projects. Full size sweaters typically take me on average about two weeks. Baby knits can be whipped up over a weekend. A hat, just a few hours. So yesterday I thought about the dress I was knitting my goddaughter and I…

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Stitching Status: Decisions, Decisions #yardsofhappiness #knitting #CherandJelly

So I’m currently working on a pink dress for my goddaughter I started ages ago (April to be exact). I’ve got 10 inches of stockinette stitch for a good 200+ stitches and I’m forcing myself to push through it to get to create a box pleat (my first time).…

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FO: Lipstick Henley #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn

Let’s start the week off with a finished object, shall we? Sunday evening I finished off my modified version of the Lipstick Cardigan – this time I made a Henley! And in case you forgot what my first Lipstick Cardigan looked like, here’s a side by side…

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One to Grow On #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn #babyknits

I love it when knits grow with the little person. The first example was when this tiny little dress I made for newborn Maddie turned into a tunic for a much bigger baby. And then remember this dress from last summer? Well look at how well little Leah has…

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FO: Wasabi the Whale and the Sea of Chevrons #yardsofhappiness #wasabithewhale #knitting

Remember the baby blanket I was talking about last week for the baby we thought would get here this week? He arrived Friday night. Clearly he was too excited to join us out here in the real world and Matzah Ball (as he was known in utero) is now Eli! I…

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FO: My Technicolor Dreamcoat #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn #WestKnits

I’m renaming my Royally Striped cardigan to my Technicolor Dreamcoat. I feel like it’s a fitting name, don’t you? So this is a magical Stephen West sweater pattern. How he came up with this construction is beyond me. The finished object after blocking is…

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Stitching Status: Progress & Projects #yardsofhappiness #royallystriped #knitting #yarn

I’ve been knitting, but I haven’t taken any finished photos of me wearing my projects. Work is hectic and it’s been rainy here so it has been keeping me from showing you the color changing yarn on my finished Royally Striped cardigan! It’s kind of awesome…

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FO: For a Little Adventurer #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn #babyknits

My girlfriend is going to have a baby soon. Very soon. But I hadn’t made her anything yet because of two things: 1. She chose to not find out the sex of her baby (Booo) 2. Because she’s Jewish she’s keeping with custom and not accepting gifts before the…

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May's FO's #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn #summerknitting

This was a light month in terms of finished objects. I only finished two projects this month and I was a little surprised at that. But then I remembered it’s not a race, it’s what I do for pleasure and May was a busy, busy month. And can you all say a…
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