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Mad About Marriage
Television programs & live seminars to benefit marriage.
Television programs & live seminars to benefit marriage.


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Habits of the Happiest Families: Top experts offered 18 easy-to-adopt ‪#‎habits‬ to help ‪#‎parents‬ & ‪#‎kids‬ connect @TIME
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Discover one of the leading cause of loveless ‪#‎marriages‬ ‪#‎relationships‬ ‪#‎connection‬
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Wishing everyone a very happy 2016!
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New study shows ‪#‎Cellphones‬ can damage romantic ‪#‎relationships‬ + lead to a greater chance of ‪#‎depression‬: ‪#‎marriage‬
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Marriage can be a profound blessing or...well... you see where I'm heading with this.

Here are six things Thankful couples - couples who are grateful for their spouse - do to keep each other happy and blessed:

1. They Forgive
For every argument or unkind word there is also an "I’m sorry” and “I forgive you.”

Be thankful for the fresh start that forgiveness creates; we all need a do-over sometimes. Forgiveness prevents hostility from taking up permanent residence in your heart.

So be quick to say “I’m sorry.” And be just as quick to say, “I forgive you.”

2. They Practice Safe Honesty
When you know you're free to share your heart because your partner will love, accept and respect you anyway, you know you're part of something very special.

Making it safe for a spouse to share honestly what they think or feel can turn a marriage around.
Make it your mantra that you will never do anything to intentionally or knowingly hurt your spouse.

3. They Laugh
Grateful couples don't take each other or life too seriously.

Look for the silver lining.
Laugh more.
Hope more.
Choose joy more.
Forget hurts more.
Laughter heals.

4. They Guard Their Partnership
Grateful couples know they're a team.

One doesn't try to control the other.

They're always supportive; they have each other's back.

They make decisions together. Work through conflicts in a way that builds up instead of tears down.

5. They Enjoy Romance
You can create more intimacy in your marriage through small actions such as saying “thank you” and “I love you” or buying a thoughtful gift.

You might share one or two things with your spouse this weekend about why you’re grateful they’re in your life.

6. They Show Appreciation
Thankful spouses value and appreciate each other.

They don’t take each other for granted because they never know how much time they really have.

So, enjoy your love today while you still can.

Marriage is a daily celebration of the new life that you and your spouse created by falling in love and committing yourselves to each other for life.

Some see it as a life sentence while others see it as a lifelong celebration.

Be thankful for the new world that you and your spouse created. Take care of it. Cherish, nurture and protect it…and watch your love last forever.

Until next time, this is Mike & Gayle Tucker and we want you to be mad about marriage!
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“Count your blessings! Things can always get better and could always be worse.” — Donald Neviaser
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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56 simple & effective ways to compliment and encourage your spouse ‪#‎marriage‬ ‪#‎relationship‬ ‪#‎inlove‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎romance‬
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