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O Grave Where Is Thy Victory?
O Grave Where Is Thy
Victory? 4/9/16 When I was just eleven, A little girl you see. Mama had to go away, It was just meant to be. I tried to be strong for
her, I didn’t want her to see my
fear. She was just going to
heaven, And someday I, too, would
be up t...

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EIAJ // #6 // Yellowstone // Home // Update
Hey Everyone! Here is my last post about our trip. Our last stop was Yellowstone National Park. It was our third visit there! Though we had seen it twice before it had not dimmed in it's glory. Maybe it holds a special place in my heart because my Mom was w...

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EIAJ // #5 // Deadwood, SD // Devil's Tower // Cody, WY
#5 Our Adventure Continues.... I hope these posts aren't boring you all. I admit, I am getting a little tired of them myself. Not of them, but of getting the post ready and what-not. I have been super busy at work these last couple weeks. This weekend my bo...

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EIAJ // #4 // Badlands and Mt. Rushmore
Picture Post - Long I am just going to do picture post with some captions. I don't want to bore ya'll, it was a long trip to share. First Stop - Badlands! This was the only National Park sign we got a good picture of. If you can't tell, it was hot! I LOVE...

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EIAJ // #3 // Road Trippin'! // Cokato, MN - Daddy's Town
#3 - It Begins! Eek! SO excited for this post! After we left our motel in Duluth/Proctor, MN, our big trip began. It was exciting and a dream come true. Something I have always wanted to do but never thought I ever would. I now hope it isn't 'a once in a li...

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EIAJ // #2 // Conventions
That first morning in Minnesota (July 13th) we woke up late. I had figured we would wake up early that morning since we had gone to sleep so early. Wrong! Obviously we were quite tired! So up we got and a running we were. We had figured to try to get to the...

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Everyday Is A Journey // #1
This post will probably be short. I am still trying to organize the MANY pictures I took. Hopefully I can get these posts up quicker now though. #1 The journey begins! Our first day (Monday, July 10th) was spent mostly driving the six hours to our first sto...

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The Favorites Tag
Hey Everyone! I have been gone awhile (2 weeks!) and just got home last night. I will be doing some posts of my travels, but first decided to do a tag that  Daminika @ WalkingInTheSonshine  tagged me for! Hope you enjoy! 1) What is your favorite thing to do...

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Fernweh - A strong desire to travel and visit far off places. A German word literally meaning far-sickness. Hey everyone! I am back again, though my post still might not be a frequent thing. I am glad to be back in the blogging world! I know there are a cou...

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My Childhood Home
I have put off posting for awhile now for many different reasons. I just don't feel like there is a place in my life for real blogging right now. At this moment in my life I am going to take it one day at a time. Recently my childhood home, the place that s...
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