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I put it to you geeky friends of mine, I need geek music! I need songs, artists, and movies - tell me your favorites!
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They Might Be Giants for both family and adult geekery goodness. The Biscuit Brothers ( for nice family stuff with occasional nerd humour snuck in (especially on their TV show, see their YouTube channel for some clips and promos: ). +Monty Harper Harper for family science music of epic awesomeness (how many kid-friendly songs do you know that work pluripotent stem cells and magnetic monopoles into the lyrics?!). I also dig soundtracks from my favourite geeky movies, and/or anything by Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, etc.

Movies: how much time do you have and how much Hugh Jackman content do you require? ;)
+John Anealio I have some of your music and enjoy it very much (especially the GeekDad song) :-)
Fantastic! Let me know if there are any specific geeky topics that you want, I might already have a song for it. :-)
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