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Running for {mental} health
When I first started running I did so with one simple aim in mind. To get slim. And whilst this initial goal has continued to spur on my somewhat sporadic relationship with running over the years I now have a very different reason for pounding the pavements...

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In memory of Granny 1920-2017
Last month we said goodbye to our dear Granny Peg. Born on 22nd April 1920, Margaret Eileen 'Peg' Brunt left behind her loving family  and friends  at the tender age of 96 -  including her husband Bill, t o whom she had been married the best part of 70 year...

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This morning I hurt my back.  I've struggled with lower back pain on and off for years - at it's worse I can hardly move or pick up even the lightest object without excusiating pain and I resemble Quasimodo as my back seizes and inflames. Thankfully this do...

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Time for {health}
Following on from my Time to {diet} blog post back in
November I’ve decided to change tact and re-focus on my no.1 goal for 2017 –
Health.  So instead of part 2 of Time to
{diet} here’s a restart with Time for {health}. I’d still like to lose weight and use...

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4 {simple} things for 2017
The start of a New Year brings with it an opportunity to
reflect.  On years past and hopes for the
future.  A New Year, a chance for new
beginnings, to start over.  You may well
poo poo New Year resolutions which inevitably fall by the way side by spring

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Time to {diet} {part 1: Planning}
It’s that time of year again.  I’ve
enjoyed several months of food freedom but my ever expanding waistline has
taken over and it’s now time to say farewell to the weekly {daily} cake run,
the glasses {bottles} of wine and scoops {tubs} of ice cream. Yes tha...

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The twins at {18 months}
18 months!  Where’s
that time gone?!  And who’s replaced my
babies with two strapping toddlers?! 18 months feels like a strange milestone.  At 12 months the boys still felt very much
like babies whereas now they’re confidently walking {running}, climbing {u...

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I’ll do it {when I’m slim}
Do you ever find yourself saying things like “I’ll buy that new pair of
jeans I like when I’ve lost weight” {whilst simultaneously munching on a Kit
Kat Chunky}? That’s fair enough.   Why waste
money on something that’s not going to fit in 4, 12 or 100 week...

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Early days {the 4th trimester} {Part 2}
Oh hi there!   Ok so the fact that I haven’t posted on the blog for about 6 months is
probably a good indication of how my life has been lately – busy busy!   If it’s any consolation I have blogged loads
in my head – just not managed to sit down and actuall...

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4 {simple} things for 2016
2015 - you've been epic, life changing kinda epic, but also one of the hardest years of my life.  And although I'm truly thankful for the awesome times (welcoming our two little munchkins into the world and being a part of two of my favourite people's weddi...
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