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Review: Brutal Pantomimes by Rhys Hughes
Egaeus Press is a publisher that consistently prints beautiful hardcover editions, and has become one of my favorite small publishers of the past few years. Their most recent offering is Brutal Pantomimes , a new collection by Welsh author Rhys Hughes , who...

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Rejoice in the Madness of the xPulver!
Come rejoice and dance and sing Rejoice in the madness of the Yellow King And if your city turns into a city unseen I'm sure that the madness has been... enough -For Greater Good - Le Jugement Du Roi En Jaune "Dream is the key."  It sounded like cliche bull...

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Trouble in Lovecraft Land - We're All Better Than This
Firstly, I apologize for the lack of updates to the blog. I've been keeping busy with fiction editing for Strange Aeons magazine, as well as writing reviews for the next issue and starting a new column of booze/cigar/book pairings. I've also been reviewing ...

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Review: Bastards of the Absolute by Adam S. Cantwell
I think it's appropriate to open this review with a look at the physicality of the book itself. Egaeus Press is consistently publishing some of the best looking hardcover books being put out today. The appearance and feel of the book is enough to get any ja...

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Necronomicon 2015: We Are Providence
I've been terribly slacking when it comes to blog posts. Between my day job, other work I'm doing in the weird fiction field, reviews appearing elsewhere, and sometimes going through periods where I don't read nearly as much as I should, I've just not been ...

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Interview: Simon Strantzas talks Aickman's Heirs
Robert Aickman's fiction is often referred to as "strange fiction" instead of "weird fiction." Whether or not you're a fan of labels, they do exist even if they best serve consumers. What are the defining characteristics of strange fiction as opposed to wei...

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Review: Aickman's Heirs edited by Simon Strantzas
Robert Aickman is a name that many readers of horror/supernatural/weird fiction have probably heard before. He didn't have a huge output of fiction in his time as a writer (I believe he wrote 48 or so stories that were published) but the stories he did writ...

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Interview: Molly Tanzer Talks Vermilion
To start, this is your first novel? How did it feel to
finish such a big project? It’s certainly my first published
novel. I typed THE END on my first novel back in… gosh, maybe 2008? 2009? It
was fun, but it was definitely training wheels time. I think tha...

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Review: Vermilion by Molly Tanzer
Author Molly Tanzer has been a longtime favorite here at the Arkham Digest. Both of her collections, A Pretty Mouth and Rumbullion help set the standard for modern weird fiction. Vermilion is Molly Tanzer's first novel, and is one of the biggest releases of...

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Interview: Jesse Bullington, editor of Letters to Lovecraft
So far you've penned three published novels and numerous short fiction. As far as I know this is your first time editing an anthology. How did you adjust to the change? Is editing something you see yourself doing again in the future? You're correct that thi...
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