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A sunny peaceful flock of Seagulls - powerful breaking waves in the background:

Marina Cano . - . Santander, Cantabria, Spain

"Seagulls in the lighthouse Mouro Island, in Santander, Cantabria" (Spain)

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"I Dream I Can Fly" (Cattle egrets as wings for a giraffe at Cabarceno) .

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a most beautiful capture
I checked  this post (first Version of 17 April 2012):
(1) About 95 % of the 480 1+ (now some less-astonishing)  came from fake user or bad user;
(2) only 3 of the 105 re-shares were maybe okay;
(3) I deleted 122 of 124 comments, mostly done by fake user, remains by bad user. Thank you gents - and I thought I would post for honorable ladies and gentlemen - but the reality on G+ is: Being alone with some true user under a mob of fake accounts/bad user ...
fake user - typical:
- no address to identify;
- hidden circles or only a few circled = fresh account or many circled (more than 2000) - few who have the user circled;
- no public post or only a few ones;
- not activity anymore since the comment /1+ on this post
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