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Thinking of designing a GPIO expansion board for the Raspberry Pi. Here's what I have so far:

- Taking a 9-20V input and dropping to to two 5V 1.5A circuits. One powering the Pi, one powering the expansion board.
- RTC so that the Ras Pi can stay up to date without internet
- Two or more temperature sensors
- A powered USB hub (that plugs into a USB port on the Ras Pi)

Anything else I should look at adding to it? And of course this is in the very early idea stage.

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Raspberry Pi Server in an actual server room :o
It has a 100MB link to the internet too. Limited by the Raspberry Pi itself.
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Little baby cat, so high, so fly 
Floatin' through the air, no cares in the sky

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This is the guy you want +Cameron Findlay!

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So for about $90 each, I can get a nice RasPi set up for small LANs. Which means people won't have to worry about carting computers to my place in Perth. Instead they can just cart USBs with files to share. $35-$40 for folding tables, 2 would be plenty for the LANs.

So for about another $400, I could get a decent set up for LANs that disappears into nothing, and allows me to have people who don't have their own PCs over to game.

That or I build myself a $700 Micro-ITX PC to take to LANs.

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Applying for a new job at a place i said I wold never work again. All so I can leave the current job...

Post has attachment Coming up next weekend. I'm competing. What about you +Ricky Elliott and +Tim Jack?

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Productive morning.
7 December 2012
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