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SECRETS of Home Theater and High Fidelity
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We welcome our readers to ask us their technical questions! The Secrets Editorial Team has an answer. 
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Read our Secrets Q&A - Resolving Audio Dropouts, what to do?
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NAD Masters Series M12 Preamp and M22 Stereo Power Amplifier

NAD calls their best electronics the “Masters Series”. The preamp and amp under review here are in this class of components. The M12 preamp is a digital preamp and DAC. It is a very unique design that up samples all signals to a high bit rate…
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Read our latest press release - Paradigm Concept Speaker Unveiled
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Read the latest press release - Paradigm Revamps Custom Install Category with Three New Speaker Lines 
New CI Home, CI Pro and CI Elite Series offer step-up performance, build quality and aesthetics Toronto, Canada, May 7, 2015 – Paradigm Electronics Inc.
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Read up on our latest press release!
Primo8 in-ear headphones provide stellar bass, captivating mids and delicate highs to envelop the listener in musical textures almost real enough to
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Have them in circles
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The Evolution Continues as HEOS™ - Read up on our latest press 
Introducing the totally portable, very affordable HEOS 1 and HEOS 1 Go Pack Mahwah, NJ (May, 6 2015) – Literally anywhere sounds amazing with the newest
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Read up on our latest Technical article!
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A thoroughly concise treatise! Well done.
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Read our Collection of New Vinyl for the Audiophile - May, 2015
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Read our press release - Pangea Audio® Unveils the HP201 Hybrid Tube Headphone Amp with 24/192 USB DAC 
Combining Class A MOSFET and vacuum tube technologies establish the HP201 as a performance leader in the headphone amp/DAC market segment Grand Rapids,
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