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From cave paintings to photoimpressions
From cave paintings to photoimpressions

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I actually gave up using this gpoogle+ page some time ago. I had plans to use it as a place to share my work in progress. I am experimenting withknown, and indie web platform and feel that might be a better place to do it, but with a link from here from time to time.

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The beginning of a new project "Survivors",  plants that have survived Mass Extinction. Not as detailed botanical illustration, more as a study of shape and form, a cross between a close up landscape and perhaps a still life. Expect Mixed media

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After a lot of searching, for a personal on-line gallery space, which I had begun referring to as my cloud gallery (aka the impossible dream) , I decided there was not really anything suitable so I ended up creating my own to display my current artworks

Nothing fancy yet, but at least its out there.
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The Last Pipi Harvest at Venus Bay
Mixed Media on Canvas
102 by 102cm
This is a story of anthropogenic extinction, written into future stone. The ochre coloured sandstone was at one time a thriving beach, brimming with life and specifically a prolific population of Donax Deltiodes, also known as Pipis or Surf clams. However the Pipis were so yummy and they were harvested in such numbers that fewer and fewer shells reached maturity each year. Then suddenly in one season, the entire population failed to reproduce. Worse the rich food chain of the beautiful beach collapsed, with their demise, and the once thriving beach became a pale version of itself. Only a few brave worm burrows could be found. Then all signs of life disappeared.

This story need not come true.

This work will be on display at the Mount View Art Show, 14th-17th June 2012.

There are a few more details in the blog post below

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Not My Fault
Rock Panel Mixed Media,
48 by 20cm
Norm Hanson, 2011

This is a whimsy like Magritte’s pipe. It is not a fault but a representation of a fault, or is it something too often said?

fault, (folt) n 1. a defect, imperfection, a flaw. 2. Culpability, 3. (geology) a fracture or fracture zone along which there has been displacement of the sides relative to each other..

In a geological sense it is a fault, but it is also always handy to have something to take the blame.

This is item 2475 in the Victorian Artists Society 2012 Bargain Sale Auction
Monday 20 February at 6:30pm

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[modern] Cave Art Work - Ancient Lovers $250

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An earlier work I have given a place in the tales of things. (An experiment in giving objects their own net presence)

This piece is Not For Sale.

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This was an earlier attempt to create a virtual exhibition using microsoft's Photosysthn system.

#rockart #photosythn #virtual #gallery #multiplephotos #art #photos

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The Unconformity is a smaller set of created rock panels/paintings, telling an important geological story. The story is 10 million plus years into the future and well after sea level rise engulfs red bluff.

By +Norm Hanson
#art #rockpainting #geological
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