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Mustafa “MuMu” Said
Investigator and a friend.
Investigator and a friend.


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To +Joe Philley​. I hope that what I say here can properly articulate what i want to say.

 You were, are and always will remain the pinnacle of the Resistance. You are, without a doubt to me, the greatest Ingress Agent to have ever lived. I always looked up to you, as I believe so many have. You put your heart and soul into Ingress and people never ceased to noticed that. I hope you're smiling on me, boss. I miss the hell out of you but I'm gonna keep going forward-I know you would have liked and +1'd the hell out of that to no end.

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My special #EXO5 livestream is going to start soon. Keep an eye here....

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Keep an eye here, Agents...

Never believed I'd have to do this.

Moving to an offsite location for the upcoming livestream. If there are any audio or visual oddities, please bear with them. I'll try to produce a written transcript of the events within the stream tomorrow for those that need it.

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The events of #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS and of #EXO5 have honestly made me question my involvement in this Investigation.

I want to do more. I feel like I need to, now more than ever.

I'll be hosting a special livestream on Saturday, Dec. 2nd during the EXO5 Finale at 3:30 CST....trying to put the pieces together of what has happened so far and try to figure out where things are heading.

Keep an eye on this G+. I'll share a link to the stream before I go live.

For those heading to the Anomalies, good luck....

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Investigation Livestream on #EXO5 Day Two?

So, I was thinking of hosting a special livestream event on Saturday....figured it'd be a bit of fun. I think it'll go live around the final measurement so that we can learn what happens after the Anomaly ends.

What do you guys think? If you do think it should happen, wanna be a part of it?
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From the mysteries unfolding between the Corporations to the revelations about the upcoming Anomalies and everything in between, I cover it all in this week's Wrap-Up.

Join the Telegram chat here and keep tuning in every week for more updates from the Niantic Investigation!

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MuMu's Weekly Wrap-Up!

Yea...sorry, +H. Richard Loeb for not managing to tell you in advance but I figured now more than ever that this was needed so I went ahead and launched this. I know that this was originally on Investigate:Ingress and if you wanna talk to me about this, you know where to find me.

Anyways, I've decided to take on the challenge of reviving the Weekly Wrap-Up! Every Sunday I'll recap the various leaks and releases that pop up on Investigate:Ingress and via other channels. If you wanna join, the link to join is right here:

Share the link with newbie Investigators who need to learn what's happened recently or with veterans who need a brush up.

I'll see you all on the other side! :)

Return of the Weekly Wrap-Up?

Back in the early days of Investigate:Ingress, +H. Richard Loeb used to hold a weekly wrap up of intel released. He stopped doing these as far back as last August during Via Lux.

Figured I'd revive it in the form of a Telegram channel that'd get updated weekly. What do you guys think about this? Good idea, bad idea, whatever you think-I wanna hear it.

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FINALLY! I finally got all the character medals I've wanted!
+H. Richard Loeb​, +Susanna Moyer​, +Hank Johnson​, +Stella V​, +Edgar Allan Wright​ and the most elusive medal ever-the 2015 +Klue S.​!

Thanks to +Philipp J. Bock​ for hooking me up with the final medal!!!!
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