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Ellen McEvoy
Take the train, take the bus, reduce-reuse-recycle. And be good to cats.
Take the train, take the bus, reduce-reuse-recycle. And be good to cats.

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457. Webber Park, Hennepin County Library
There has been a library in this neighborhood since 1910. It was remodeled in 1954 and renamed the John Deere Webber Memorial, erected by his parents C.C. and Mary Harris Webber. I first visited Webber Library in the summer of 2012 when I started my quest t...

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456 Hawkins Area Library, Hawkins, WI
This was my last stop on a six-day, sixteen-library road trip. Many of my trips involve crossing some portion of Wisconsin, and I choose towns from the map to fill in gaps in my travels there. This time: the town of Hawkins. Most of the way the weather had ...

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455 Tomahawk Public Library, Tomahawk, WI
Long, low lines draw the visitor up to a sheltered entrance with a sturdy bench. Can your sharp eyes spot two more similar benches in one of the later pictures? I wasn't dressed for 45-degree weather so I didn't check out the wooded side of the site, but I ...

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454 Walter E. Olson Memorial Library, Eagle River, WI
Are libraries going out of style? Not in Eagle River, Wisconsin, where a new library is currently under construction. I started my visit with a short stop at the construction site. Even at this stage, it's clear that the new building will be handsome!      ...

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453 Crystal Falls District Community Library, Crystal Falls, MI
Well, this is the wrong kind of first: Apparently I did not get an exterior picture of this library! I'm not sure what happened; it's possible I was so struck by the county courthouse high on the hill that I simply forgot. More likely, the camera just didn'...

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448 White Lake Community Library, Whitehall, MI
I'm in the middle of a six-day trip to visit libraries, and I keep being surprised. In this case, I'd been driving and driving, following the instructions of my GPS, no sign of a library or anything else...and suddenly I turn and discover the White Lake Com...

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447 Michigan City Public Library, Michigan City, IN
This bold sign ensures that you will not mistake this location for anything but the library. In the background, the shape of the building suggests pictures I've seen of factories designed with sloped roofs and clerestory windows like this. ors  I haven't se...

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452 Mackinaw Area Public Library, Main Branch, Mackinaw City, MI
I rashly decided that the library was close enough to my motel that I could walk. And I did walk, but oh my, it was a longer walk than I expected! The building certainly is not fancy, but with a library, what matters is what's within. The children's area is...

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451 Mackinaw Area Public Library, Bliss Branch, Levering, MI
When visiting libraries, it's fun to be surprised. In this case, I drove where my GPS directed me, turn left, turn right...there must have been an easier way! But eventually I spotted my goal, a small building seeming in the middle of ... lots of fields and...

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450 Petoskey District Library, Petoskey, MI
I tried to visit this library in the summer of 2014, but I failed to take into account the time zone change from Minnesota/Wisconsin. I arrived just as the doors were being locked, but I promised myself I would come back. This is the only view I have of the...
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